Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

Thats why JVZoo is the leading affiliate network in the Internet Marketing space. Since 2011 JVZoo has been providing the network, tools and solutions essential for building a successful and profitable internet business.

JVZoo’s Fun & “Mayhem” Culture
JVZoo is built around challenging the industry’s status quo while being infused with fun. Back in 2011 a few guys demanded more from the Joint Venture (JV) industry and set out to create a platform and network where product vendors can connect with affiliates to sell digital products and services online. The success of this effort has been honored in 2016 and 2017 as being named one of Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America.

The Platform
The JVZoo platform and network now empowers JVs from around the globe to run profitable online businesses by facilitating and automating marketing, sales, and delivery of a literal “zoo” of digital products and services. The tools and solutions improve with each new iteration of the platform putting the zoo family’s recommendations into action. Whether a rookie or seasoned veteran to the online marketing arena, JVZoo’s easy-to-use network provide proven solutions for vendors and affiliates to earn the maximum income from each transaction.

Vendors need only list their products free and start selling without the need of any setup fees. By placing vendors first, JVZoo ensures partners make money before they do. This is accomplished by charging a flat 5% fee on each sale. The management of contracts, payments, taxes, and the splitting of commission is all covered so you can focus on your global business and building relationships with vendors, creators, and customers.

JVZoo provides a secure space for collaboration while handling the splitting of payments with payment processor like PayPal, Stripe, or other merchant account. All the tracking and delivery of digital products occur via JVZoo’s customer portal.

Have a Digital Product or Webinar?
The current digital product library of 200 niches and categories is gigantic and growing with payouts on a sale being instantaneous. Vendors may create and list, pre-recorded webinars at no cost using JVZoo’s state-of-the-art automated webinar platform. Affiliates then can promote these webinars for free. Custom introductions both pre and post launch may be added adding that personal touch.

One of the pain points solved by JVZoo are taxes. It is super-simple and easy for you to support the tax system whether you live, be it in the United States, European Union, Canada or Australia. Extensive knowledge base articles and support videos are available to explain each tax feature in detail.

No Product to sell? No Problem.
Do you have a social audience, email list, or other traffic source but need a product to promote? Than look no further than our product library and match a product or service to your particular audience. Simply request and receive approval to promote that exact product or service and receive a link to promote to start earning commissions.

Integrity and Security
Our compliance team ensures no shady scams are infecting the JVZoo marketplace as we uphold FTC compliance requirements and specific JVZoo standards in an effort to protect our partners. Our secure online transaction system ensures the integrity and security of hundreds of thousands of product creators and affiliates with each purchase.

Our Support
JVZoo prides itself in offering the finest in customer service within the industry. Our real support staff, not computers, will address your concurs in a timely and effective manner. You will be hard pressed to find a support team better than offered by JVZoo. Reach out now to our support desk and see. 🙂

The JVZoo Community
JVZoo has a vibrant Facebook Community where you can collaborate with product creators, product vendors, affiliates and marketers who are new to the industry or whom have actually been around the block a few times with launches. Join the Facebook Community to stop, listen, and collaborate together across the globe. Our JVZoo Facebook Group

We take our relationships personally.
If we may help your company be more successful we appreciate your feedback and feature requests. Simply reach out to our support team as they are ready, willing, and able to assist. And Yes, it’s true, we did have Vanilla Ice perform for our users at the 2014 Marketing Mayhem Event. So make sure you attend one of our upcoming JVZoo events. See you there!

To learn more about us and how you can build a thriving online business, please visit