2022 has come to an end and while there was not a global pandemic, it was still a trying year due to rising costs.  However, JVZoo’s users did not let this stop them from creating and promoting top notch products for their customers.

The 2022 Top Performance Leaders worked hard for these spots.  

Without further ado, the winners are:

Top Sellers:

  1. Abhi Dwivedi
  2. Ifiok Nkem
  3. Neil Napier
  4. Joshua Zamora
  5. Firas Alameh
  6. Mo Latif
  7. Todd Gross
  8. Adrian & Cristian
  9. Misan Morrison
  10. Victory Akpos

Top Affiliates:  

  1. Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar
  2. Vlad & Stoica
  3. Tim Verdouw
  4. Abhi Dwivedi
  5. Adrian & Cristian
  6. Todd Gross
  7. Victor David
  8. Adeel Chowdhry
  9. Karthik Ramani
  10. IMReviewSquad

As we celebrate the close of yet another strenuous year for everyone, we honor not only our TOP PERFORMERS, but ALL of our users.  

We are proud to have the *THE BEST AFFILIATES & SELLERS IN THE WORLD!* You will always be our better half. We can’t do it without YOU.

Stay tuned for MORE announcements from Your JVZoo Team that are sure to enhance YOUR success in 2023!

Celebrating YOUR Success,

Your JVZoo Team


DISCLAIMER:  Please note if your name is not on the account as a partner for a product that is included in our Top Performers, then we have no way of knowing and you will not be included in the blog.  Once a blog has been published, we will no longer update it to include partners who were not listed on the account.

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