With seemingly endless affiliate marketing opportunities today, marketers have extensive resources to maximize their affiliate sales using affiliate programs and other strategies. Although these opportunities exist, marketers should narrow their focus down to the highest ROI activities to increase affiliate revenue. Below are seven of the best ways affiliate marketers can start increasing their affiliate sales:


Join an affiliate platform

The majority of affiliate marketers are well aware of affiliate programs, but many are not familiar with affiliate platforms. Affiliate platforms enable marketers to expand their pool of affiliate programs. By joining an affiliate platform, you can gain access to thousands of affiliate programs and select the right program for you to promote. Instead of wasting time searching through hundreds of affiliate programs and applying individually to each, an affiliate platform allows you to search affiliate programs by niche, keywords and more to see what their compensation structure is like.

JVZoo has the best affiliate platform with marketers. With instant commissions, a searchable marketplace and instant sale notifications, you can sign up for free and start joining the best affiliate programs for your niche. In addition to all of the affiliate features, JVZoo has analytics and operational features like real time tracking, tax support and a powerful API that allows for custom integrations. By joining the affiliate platform for JVZoo, you can focus on getting affiliate sales and JVZoo will handle the rest of your operational and infrastructure needs. You can register a free affiliate account on JVZoo here

Select the right affiliate products

Choosing the right affiliate products to market will have a huge impact on your affiliate revenue. The right affiliate product is not just a high ticket item with a high affiliate commission. For most affiliate marketers, the right affiliate product is one that is relevant to their niche, has a good commission structure and fills the needs of their audience. 

To find the right affiliate products for you, start by brainstorming what your audience uses routinely. If your audience is in a specific niche, it could be physical products, digital products, services, consulting and more. In addition to this, you should also consider what the commission structure is for any affiliate sales. 

Commissions generally come in two forms for affiliate marketers: one time commissions and recurring commissions. With one time commissions, you’ll get a one time payment for each sale. With recurring commissions, you’ll get a commission each time a user pays to use the product. Recurring commissions are often found in SaaS products and other monthly retainer products. Take into consideration both the commission structure and the affiliate products available to your niche prior to promoting any product. 

Optimize existing affiliate links

One of the best ways to increase affiliate sales is to optimize your existing affiliate links. This is a very actionable and easy step because it doesn’t require applying to programs and platforms. Depending on the medium you are using to promote your product (website, YouTube, social media, etc.) there are a variety of strategies you can deploy to start gaining more affiliate sales based on your current traffic. Some of the best strategies you can use include:

  • Exit banners: When a visitor is leaving your blog or landing page, you can set up an exit banner that will appear when a visitor shows any exit intent like leaving the page. These exit banners pop up and they offer a deal that the visitor can try. The most effective exit banners often have a free offer like a free trial along with the use of social proof.
  • Call to action buttons: When you have an affiliate offer, it can be difficult for your audience to see a hyperlink, especially if it’s not in a clear color. Using a call to action button is a great alternative to make sure your offer is visible and this will allow you to get more clicks and ultimately more sales. Depending on the platform you use, you can add integrations that allow you to create compelling call to action buttons. 
  • Cloak affiliate links: Another great way to optimize your affiliate sales is to cloak your affiliate links. Normal affiliate links can be complicated and long and they can be hard to track on affiliate programs. Cloaking your affiliate links will allow you to have a higher chance for affiliate clicks in addition to having a clean affiliate URL link. Make sure your affiliate program allows link cloaking prior to cloaking all of your links. 


Commission increases

An underrated way to increase your affiliate revenue is to ask for commission increases for affiliate managers. Building a relationship with affiliate managers is needed to do this in addition to how much value you can provide the affiliate program. Simply asking for a commission increase will not do anything; you have to provide value for the affiliate manager in return. In exchange for a commission increase, you can promote more products from that affiliate, review their other services for your audience and more. 

It’s important to be aware of the value you bring as an affiliate. For example, if you have one of the top results for a given keyword on Google or YouTube, you are in the power position. You can leverage several affiliate programs and choose to promote which one offers you the best commission. The more traffic and higher ranking you have for a given affiliate keyword, the more bargaining power you have with affiliate managers. 

As you utilize these strategies to help you increase your revenue, you will come across many common problems for affiliates. Check out our blog here on the five biggest affiliate problems and how you can navigate them. 

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