If you work with other people in a business or even on a specific project, team meetings should be part of your weekly or monthly routine. Aside from keeping everyone on task and informed of how the project or business is progressing, they are an excellent way for everyone involved to feel included. This is especially true when team members work remotely and are not a part of the daily office activities.

While each department spends the majority of their time on their assigned tasks, it is easy to lose touch with the other pieces of your business’s puzzle. Team meetings help bridge the gap between workers. They allow them to see how their contributions benefit the group as a whole.  

JVZoo team members are constantly in touch with one another, whether that be in person, over Skype, private messaging, email, or via online team collaboration tools. We also utilize monthly team meetings which may or may not include mandatory impromptu vocal renditions by the last team member that shows up. Needless to say, JVZoo team members are very motivated to be one of the first to attend.

But, I’m An Affiliate Marketer! How Would Team Meetings Benefit Me?

Glad you asked! Many times Sellers collaborate with other marketers and online professionals on product creation, launches, and the running of their day-to-day business activities. Often, those collaborations comprise of more than two people. When that is the case, it is important to keep everyone in the loop. A weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly team meeting can be just the thing to keep your project on track and intercept any miscommunications or difficulties that may arise.

For example, your copywriter and graphics designer should be on the same page. There should be communication between all of you concerning things such as the length of your sales page, what you are trying to convey visually and how they can both contribute to the contextual relevance of your sales page.

How To Make Your Team Meetings More Productive

It can be very discouraging to attend a team meeting that doesn’t produce the results you are looking for. They are they a waste of time. And if you’re paying by the hour, they could potentially end up wasting a lot of money! In the future, use these six tips to make your team meetings more productive.

  1. Send Reminders – We are all busy and appointments can be forgotten. Keep your meeting at the forefront of your team members’ minds. Send frequent reminders leading up to the actual date.
  2. Have An Agenda – This is a simple, yet very important tip for productive team meetings. Include the agenda in your reminder emails. That way everyone can be prepared and will know exactly what to expect during the meeting.
  3. Start & End On Time – Chances are, the team meeting has been scheduled into and/or around other important tasks. You don’t want to set your team member’s behind schedule by allowing your meeting to run late.
  4. Stay On Task – Don’t allow the meeting to get sidetracked. Leave time at the beginning or end for chit-chat and additional topics if you choose. But keep the focus on the items specified in your agenda.
  5. Allow Time For Questions/Comments – Communication is key when it comes to working as a group. Schedule time where team members can ask questions and voice their opinions/concerns.
  6. Schedule Meetings Before Noon – Most people have higher levels of energy and concentration in the morning. Have your team meet at that optimal time. This is when you’ll have the best chance of tapping into your peak performance hours.

Remember, it is a good rule of thumb to employ the use of team meetings if you have 3 or more people working on a project. Doing so will keep the communication flowing and increase your likelihood of meeting deadlines, avoiding setbacks, and realizing a favorable completion of your venture.

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