Affiliate marketing has seen a lot of change over the past few years, and the strategies that used to work are not as effective as they once were. To stay ahead of the curve in 2024, we’ve gathered insights from seven accomplished affiliate marketers, each sharing their best tip for thriving in the new landscape. From leveraging social media and video to optimizing for voice search and emerging technologies, these experts offer invaluable guidance for maximizing your earnings potential in the ever-evolving digital realm. Incorporating any of these tips into your affiliate marketing process can help you increase your conversions, traffic and ultimately your sales. For instance, using a project tracking board can help you organize and monitor your affiliate marketing strategies effectively, ensuring you stay on top of your campaigns and make timely adjustments for optimal results.

Tip 1: Focus on lucrative sub-niches instead of saturated mass-market niches

If you’ve done affiliate marketing for a few years, you’ll know that it takes the same amount of effort to work on a high revenue niche and a low revenue niche. One of the highest leverage actions you can take is to pivot your affiliate marketing strategy to target higher paying industries. For example, identity theft protection is much more lucrative than hiking. You would need many more clicks to get similar amounts of affiliate revenue, so it’s better to opt for the better paying niche.

Name: Ali Ali

Title:  SEO Specialist


Tip 2: Make many posts on large brands in your niche

One of the quickest ways to reduce competition in affiliate marketing is to focus on specific brand reviews. Starting a new low authority blog with reviewing a pillar type of product will be extremely difficult. Brand reviews are often much easier to do and you can rank better for them. For example, I wrote a review on a Castlery couch review and it’s my highest traffic page to date. Starting with brand reviews is a good way to reduce competition as a new site.

Name: Alex Back

Title: Founder


Tip 3: Use webinars and live training for affiliate marketing

Leverage the power of webinars and live training sessions. When you’re promoting online courses as an affiliate, hosting free webinars or live training sessions can be a powerful way to attract potential buyers and build trust with your audience.

Throughout the webinar or training, you can share your affiliate link with the audience, offering them an opportunity to purchase the course at a discounted rate or with special bonuses. This creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity, encouraging attendees to take action and enroll through your affiliate link.

Name: Tara Malone

Title: Content Manager

Company: Mirasee

Tip 4: Leverage newsletters for recurring affiliate sales

Newsletters can be a powerful tool for driving recurring affiliate sales by nurturing long-term relationships with your subscribers and consistently promoting relevant products or services. With newsletters, you can pitch high ticket items, recurring payment products and sell online digital products. Products that need recurring payments can offer you recurring affiliate revenue. This can compound and take your affiliate income to the next level.

Name:  Jessica Grioua

Title: Digital Marketing Coordinator

Company: Shift4

Tip 5: Sell your best selling products

If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for a while, you’ll know that the majority of your income is derived from a few successful affiliate products. You can also see how much affiliate income you are generating for a vendor. If you’re able to source the product or deliver the service yourself, you can exponentially increase your income. Since you control the traffic, you can point it towards your own landing page and business. You can start an entire business from just one successful affiliate product.

Name: Jeremy Rivera

Title: SEO

Company: The Asphalt Team

Tip 6: Implement Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

YouTube can be a powerful platform for affiliate marketing, allowing you to showcase products, provide valuable content, and drive sales through your affiliate links. With YouTube, you can create product reviews and tutorials. This works well for products that need tutorials like setting up websites, high ticket physical products etc. You can strategically include your affiliate links in the video descriptions, pinned comments, or end screens, making it easy for viewers to access and purchase the products.

Name: Hailey Lucas

Title: SEO consultant


Tip 7: Promote Underrated Products in Your Niche

The quality of the products you promote as an affiliate are critical to success. But some products are just too widely promoted by other affiliates or the products are too well known for anybody to care about them.

This makes it challenging for new affiliates or even experienced affiliates to get much traction on their product-focused content.

Instead, find high quality products in your niche that aren’t as well known and promote them.

This way, you won’t be competing with 100s of other affiliates. And in some cases you’ll be the first and only option when people are searching for review content in Google or YouTube.

Name: Adam Connell

Title: Founder

Company: Blogging Wizard

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