A Helpful Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

When it comes to Facebook Advertising, you have three options: pages, groups, or paid ads. The first two are free but may take more time to establish. The third, however, can help you gain traction faster – if you know how to properly run and set up your ads.

Facebook Pages

If you plan to advertise on Facebook at all, you will want to create a Facebook page as soon as possible. Paid ads must be tied to a Facebook page rather than a profile. Set up the page with your blog or business name – or give it a name that targets your specific niche.

Once you have the page created, you must continuously update it with your own content as well as viral content doing well on Facebook. As you share updates, check out your analytics often to see which posts are doing best and at what times.

This will help you determine the best times to post and how often to post each day.

Mix up your status updates with links to your posts or products, text-based questions, images, memes, and videos. As you see what type of media your fans respond to best, you can focus on 2-3 of these mediums rather than all of them.

Facebook Groups

To build a more tight-knit community or share information you don’t want all Facebook users to have access to, you can create a Facebook group for your business. Groups can be closed, where people have to be approved to join, or secret, where a user can only find and join the group through a secret link you send them via email.

Groups can make your content and updates easier to be seen by more people – assuming they all have notifications set to receive all group updates. Within your group, you can share information about your products or services, gain beta testers, receive testimonials, run giveaways, and get feedback on your business.

It’s also a good idea to join other Facebook groups within your niche. Some will let you advertise your own products or blog posts on certain days, while others may prohibit any advertising.

Groups that don’t allow advertising can still be helpful in growing your authority in your niche – just make sure your Facebook profile has public details of your business website displayed when any group member clicks through to learn more about you.

Paid Facebook Ads

To run your first Facebook ad, you can simply boost a Facebook page post that is already performing well or create an ad from scratch. To boost a post, you will click the “Boost Post” button on the bottom right of the post and follow the directions.

Access the Facebook ads manager if you want to start fresh.

Options you will need to select include:

  • Which type of campaign you want to run (“Send People to your Website” is a good choice for beginners starting out – this can be your homepage, sales page, or opt-in offer).  
  • The audience you want to reach
  • The budget for this ad campaign
  • How long you want the ad to run (your budget will be spread out over the number of days you choose)
  • Ad layout (play with a simple image ad, to begin with – always use your own photos!)
  • A headline for your ad (make sure it is attention grabbing!)
  • Text for your ad (A call to action or enticing feature of what the user gets if they click through your ad)

That’s it for creating a Facebook paid ad in a nutshell, however, if you’d like to get more in-depth training on Facebook advertising, you can find several excellent products in our JVZoo Product Library that can help you.  Simply log in to your account (or create one) at www.JVZoo.com and click the ‘Product Library’ tab from your dashboard! 

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