Socialization is an important part of making your business successful.  Each business can tailor their socialization to what works best for them, but the truth remains that in order for your business to become known, it does take a bit of effort on your part.  Attending conferences, live events, and networking events are all great ways to socialize and gain exposure for your business.

What happens though when a business owner is an introvert and doesn’t enjoy socializing with others?  It happens. Many people would actually prefer to network online or via phone than socialize face to face.  It can be an easier way to communicate effectively, but it is also important for people to meet you and get to know the face behind the business.  If you find that you have trouble networking at live events, there are ways to help you get through them, and even enjoy them.

  • Give yourself a time limit.  If you are not enjoying the thought of having to network face to face with others, you can limit the amount of time that you plan on doing it.  When attending an event, mentally prepare by reminding yourself that you are only going to spend 1-hour max at a time at the event to network. That is a good amount of time to show that you are interested, to be engaged in conversation with a couple of others in the business world, and to not make you feel as though the night is going to drag on forever.  Once that hour is up, excuse yourself for a break or even make your exit.
  • Bring someone with you.  Who says that you have to go solo?  Bring a friend, family member, or spouse along to join you at the event.  It’s always more comfortable when you tackle an uncomfortable situation with someone that you know and trust.  They can also help with the socialization aspect and by being part of the networking conversations. Think of them as your business wingman for the night.
  • Take a deep breath and just relax.  Keep in mind that these events are important to your success and it’s just part of “doing business.”  Look at them as a way to promote your business for possible exposure and learn as much as you can. You are only going to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation for a very short time, so make it worthwhile when speaking to others.  
  • You can excuse yourself when you need to.  There are no rules when networking at events. If you find that you need a break, take one!  Excuse yourself and take a walk outside, or just find a quiet place where you can have a bit of an escape.  Giving yourself a mental break is totally fine when needed.
  • Fake it til you make it.  While this probably isn’t the best motto per se, it’s something that many introverts can relate to.  Being introverted isn’t a bad thing at all. It just means that you prefer to be your own company or be in the company of smaller groups.  It has no other effect on any other aspects of your life and shouldn’t be viewed as a negative thing. When an invite for a live event happens, you are expected to attend for the sake and growth of your business.  While your initial instinct may be to pass, don’t. Putting your business first at a time like this can be great exposure. Remind yourself of that, and prepare. It’s only for a short time, and it could reap great rewards.  

Don’t let your initial introverted reaction be to limit your networking and socialization opportunities.  Yes, it may be uncomfortable, it is important for your business. Yes, it is probably out of your comfort zone, but that is why they say that the magic happens outside of your comfort zone. As an entrepreneur, you already know this.

Give yourself a pep talk, remind yourself it’s for the greater good, and make a plan of entering and exiting the event within a timeframe that is comfortable for you.  Once the event has passed, reflect on how you feel it went and how you felt after you attended. Use those thought processes to help you grow and prepare better for the next live event.  The more you work on your socialization skills, the easier they will become!

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