All businesses need customers to thrive and survive. In a world where there are millions of different online businesses, it’s imperative to find ways to build your customer base in as efficient a way as possible.

Competition can be fierce, but it doesn’t need to be an obstacle that stands in your way. Whether you are running and managing a business that sells physical or digital products, online marketing is an absolute must for you to be able to build up that customer base. Anytime a business is selling a coaching session, a mentoring business, an affiliate product, or all-inclusive access to a membership site, they need to make sure the customer feels valued and as though they are receiving something of great worth. Before you sell your business and yourself short, here are a few suggestions and tips on how to build your customer base for your online business.

Be a human. Yep, you read that right. Think of yourself in your customer’s shoes. You are being pitched to by possibly the 10th company of the week, everyone claiming that their product or service stands out above the rest. It’s the same spiel you’ve heard a hundred times. As soon as they start their pitch, your eyes glaze over and your mind begins to wander. Sound familiar?

Take note of what you don’t like when you are being pitched to, and capitalize on that. To connect with your potential customer, engage with them and take interest in them. While you may not have oodles and gobs of time to spend learning about their life story, just taking those extra steps to find out more about them, their wants, and their needs can go a long way in the minds of a customer. Ask those questions, and listen to the answers. Give them options, not firm solutions and allow them the time to process.

Dangle a carrot. Who doesn’t love free? We’ve seen this type of marketing everywhere for all kinds of companies and products. Not only does it tend to work well for tangible products, it is an avenue that can pan out extremely well for digital products as well.

Options can vary with this one, so have fun experimenting the different types of offers that you could have. Something along the lines of “Three free coaching sessions with the purchase of XYZ product!” could have great potential. You may be surprised with the response of customers that are interested. Once they make a purchase and sign up for the free coaching sessions, you then know without a doubt that you have secured that customer for a MINIMUM of three more coaching sessions and have a new email list subscriber. Money in the bank, customers on the books.

Increase your email list. This is, by far, the most preferred method of acquiring new customers within the digital marketing niche. When people opt-in to receive your emails, that’s gold. Without asking, prying or begging, you have instant approval from potential customers to send them your offers at any point in time.

Tread lightly with this, as you don’t want to appear spammy, but stay in constant contact. It’s up to you how often you recommend products and/or services, but be sure to pepper your correspondence with helpful, friendly information as well.

Above all, interact with your new-found subscribers. If they email you and ask a question, answer them. Part of being an awesome pen-pal is responding, right? And, that’s basically what you are.  Reward those who signed up for your emails with “exclusive” offers or those “flash” sales that may pop up here and there. Customers love to feel that they are in the know about deals before anyone else. Use your email list to make that happen.

If you are truly ready to take your online affiliate business to the next step, what are you waiting for? The time is now or never to make that first move. Your potential customers are waiting to hear from you, and be wooed by you and your offerings. Step up to the plate and give them an awesome service that they can’t live without. Sell yourself, and your products sales will follow.

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