Offering bonuses as an incentive to your customers is a great way to increase sales. But, what kind of bonus should you offer? The possibilities are endless, really, it simply takes a bit of imagination. In this article, we will expand on the 16 types of bonuses mentioned in our previous post, Give Your Affiliate Marketing A Competitive Edge.

  1. EBooks – Ebooks are one of the most commonly offered bonuses in affiliate marketing. You have several options when offering EBook as a bonus. You could write one yourself, outsource it and use the finished product, use a PLR Ebook as-is, or use a PLR Ebook as a starting point and completely repurpose it for your own purposes.
  2. Mindmaps – Mindmaps are also a very popular bonus product. These are great for helping your customer clearly visualize how they can utilize your product once it has been purchased. There are many tools online that will help you create your own mindmaps, such as XMind, FreeMind, and MindMeister, or you could simply use an app such as OneNote.
  3. Quick Start Guides – A quick start guide is basically a user’s manual for the product you are selling. It shows your customer how to use the product, gives instructions, describes the steps to take, etc. A personal knowledge of the product is imperative here, so if you are not the product creator, then be sure to have actually used the product you are promoting before offering customers a Quick Start Guide for it of your own making.
  4. Audio Courses – With the ever-increasing business of everyone’s lives, audio courses are extremely popular. They allow for multi-tasking, meaning that one can learn while cooking, driving, doing chores, or engaging in any other activity during the day or night. It also gives those who are apt to skip the reading parts of your product to still get the same information as one who prefers visual learning.
  5. Video Courses – Video courses are perfect for visual learners who need to see and hear something in order to learn it well. Approximately 65% of the population is, in fact, visual learners so it would be a wise choice to include a bonus geared towards their learning style.
  6. Ideas Lists – Depending on the product you are promoting, you could come up with a list of ideas to use with it. For example, if you were promoting a product that teaches your customer how to master email marketing, you could write up a list of 100 Email Headlines for them. Or, if you were promoting a product on social media marketing, you could offer a list of 100 sample tweets.
  7. WordPress Plugins – If your product has anything to do with WordPress or blogging in general, WordPress Plugins make an excellent bonus. Always be sure that if you have not developed the Plugin yourself that you know and abide by any licensing rights that are attached to the Plugin in question.
  8. Exclusive Interviews – Chances are, you may know authority figures in the niche you are promoting that your customers do not. If this is the case, you could approach them with a request to do an exclusive interview on the topic you are promoting that you will then offer as bonuses to your customers. This will help them to get more exposure as well as help you to have a unique and useful bonus offer.
  9. Case Studies – Many people are able to learn better from examples than by deductive reasoning. This is where offering case studies as a bonus can come in handy. A good case study will allow your customer to see how the product you are promoting is used in real-life situations, the challenges that may develop, and how they are overcome.
  10. Exclusive Webinars – This is a great idea for a bonus product that allows you to give away something that nobody else can – exclusive time with you! This bonus idea allows you to build a stronger bond with your customers, helping them know you, like you, and trust you even more.
  11. One-on-One Consultations – Again, this is a bonus that only you can provide and an excellent one to offer in order to build trust with your customers. This type of bonus is often limited to a certain number of people and has a specified time limit to ensure that you will not be overwhelmed and the value of the consultation is not undervalued.
  12. Video Critiques of Website or Product – This bonus offers an impartial view of a website or product and gives expert insight on components that are working well, and those that need improvement.
  13. Templates – Depending on the product you are selling, you could offer a bonus containing templates to items that could be used in conjunction with it. Some examples are website templates, email templates, swipe emails, graphic templates, or video scripts.
  14. Graphics Packs – Graphics are a great bonus to add to your product, especially social media graphics. Most people do not have the time to create their own graphics and having ready-made, shareable graphics on hand is a useful and time-saving bonus that is usually very appreciated.
  15. Stock Footage – Stock footage is a widely sought-after item for use in videos, commercials, interactive websites, sales pages, etc. If this type of bonus compliments your original offer, it could be a great incentive to generate sales.
  16. Done-For-You Services – One of the biggest reasons people do not get their desired results once they have purchased a product is the fact that they simply do not have time to learn and implement everything needed to make it happen. You can take some of that pressure off them by offering a done-for-you service, such as setting up their blog, website, or sales funnel.


Whatever you decide to offer as a bonus, be sure that it compliments your original offer nicely. You wouldn’t offer a dog-training video series as a bonus for a product that teaches website development. Think about what you have to offer that will increase the value of your product and also make your customer’s life easier, increase their knowledge, and assist them to achieve their desired goals and you will surely come up with a bonus that they can get excited about.


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