As an affiliate marketer it has been proven that those offering bonuses often make nearly five time more money than those who do not. However, most affiliates do not add value to a promotion because it simply takes too much time to:

Setup a membership area
Interact with freebie seekers
Update and maintain a website of product bonuses

How would you like software that automatically builds a hosted bonus delivery page where you simply direct your buyers to where they may access their bonuses?
This is where an affiliate promotion system like Commission Gorilla V2 automating bonus delivery. It is a powerful, yet simple to use, web-based software that makes it easy to create promotion pages with a few clicks of your mouse. It also has a wordpress plugin to integrate into your wordpress sites.

Commission Gorilla V2 affiliate promotion system is:

100% Newbie Proof!
Incredibly Easy To Use…
100% FREE Page Hosting…
Make More Money With The Same Effort!
Cloud Based – No Install Needed..

Library To Store Bonuses:
Commission Gorilla V2 offers four block styles and layouts in constructing a bonus and you can save as many bonuses in your library as desired. This way you can construct a new promotion in record time. After all, it’s all about convenience and speed to market! To create a bonus you simply upload an image or use the online editor to create a custom block. The bonus library also saves download and access information that automatically builds your delivery page. There are also ten “ready made” bonuses already available to incentivize.

Drag & Drop Promotion Page Builder:
Speed to market in creating visually appealing promo pages is the key to success. You can fully customize how your promotion pages look. Add graphics, video, call to action buttons, text blocks, social sharing buttons and more quickly without any code. To build a promotion page simply drag and drop on-page elements, go to your bonus library and select the bonuses, and save the page. Any changes are reflected across all location instantly including the pages hosted by Commission Gorilla, your self hosted pages and any integrations with WordPress. Included are seven unique “ready made” bonus templates that you can simply clone, add your affiliate link, and start earning commissions.

Start Promoting & Sharing Fast!

Begin promoting your bonus page as soon as you complete editing making you one of the first to market. Share options include Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter to immediately help drive traffic. As your bonus delivery page is automatically built for you, just direct buyers to this page to access their bonuses.
Also included are eight “done for you” bonus page campaigns for high converting products that are ready to go to bring in commissions, or use as time savers for your new campaigns. As soon as you have completed editing you can be first to market in promoting your bonuses to earn greater returns.

Import Any Commission Gorilla V2 Page

Take an existing user’s Commission Gorilla design and clone it to your account by pasting the import code you get from the other user. This option is an incredible time saver especially if you are not a designer or if you want to borrow an already proven high converting promotion page.

Save time and make more commissions with the proven affiliate promotion system Commission Gorilla V2.


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