CAN a one time offer suck?

Actually, yes. And we’ve been seeing it more and more over the years.

One Time Offers, or OTO’s, can bring in a substantial amount of income.

Or, they can frustrate your customers and lead to an increase of questions, support tickets or worst of all, complaints against yourself and your product.

Nobody wants that!

So, be sure to continue reading to find out if your One Time Offer really does suck…

And what to do about it if it does.

What Makes A One Time Offer Great?

Before we get into how a one time offer can suck, it’s important to know what makes a one time offer great.

When it comes to your one time offer, remember that you should still be thinking about what your customer needs.

Throwing together a bunch of poorly written PLR loosely associated to the niche of your front-end product simply won’t do.

Your customers expect and deserve more than that.

For a one time offer to be great, it must enhance or compliment your front-end product.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it help your customer use your front-end product more effectively?
  • Does it help your customer achieve their results faster?
  • Does it provide additional information that will help your customer solve their problem with less difficulty?
  • Can your front-end product function without it?
  • Does it enhance your front-end product and add value to it as a whole?

Hopefully, your answers will be yes!

A one time offer that doesn’t suck will be closely related to your front-end product. It will help them achieve their goals and solve their problems faster, easier, and more effectively.

And, most importantly, if you are selling anything as a ‘one time offer’, it should truly only be offered ONE TIME ONLY.

one time offer

So, What Would Make A One Time Offer Suck?

If you asked yourself any of the questions mentioned above and your answer was no, then your one time offer may suck.

Let’s dig a little deeper…

Your front end product should work independently, without requiring the purchase of your one time offer.

If you sell a front-end product that only works if additional purchases are made through your OTOs, than yes, your one time offer sucks.

And you’ve probably lost the trust of your customer

And received refund requests.

And had complaints.

Not good.

Your one time offer should help your customer use your front-end product better, faster, or more effectively.

It should compliment your front-end offer.

If it doesn’t, then your one time offer probably sucks.

Your one time offer should be of the same or better quality than your front-end product.

Your responsibility to provide exceptional value doesn’t stop once your customer makes their first purchase.

If anything, your one time offer should be viewed as even more valuable than the front end product.

If you let your standard of quality slip once you have made that first sale, then your one time offer probably sucks.

Your one time offer should actually be a one time offer.

This means that your customer should only have the chance to purchase it (at least at the discounted price) once.

If they are able to get it later on, it isn’t really a one time offer, is it?

If you try to trick your customer into thinking that a product is available one time only, yet they see it somewhere else for the same price, your reputation with that customer is shot.

And, your one time offer sucks.

Additionally, Limited Time Offers should only be available for a limited time.

If you use a countdown timer on your sales page, something had better happen when the timer runs out.

Whether that is the price going up, the offer disappearing, or what have you…

Something needs to happen.

If the page refreshes and your timer restarts, that is a No-No.

Not only will your product be exempt from receiving Product of the Day, but it will be flagged by compliance until you correct the issue.

So, if you use a countdown timer on your limited offer page and it does not do what it says it will do, your limited time offer page sucks.

Help! My One Time Offer Sucks! What Do I Do?

If you’ve read through all the information above and came to the conclusion that your one-time offer does indeed suck, there’s good news!

You can fix it!

Armed with the knowledge of what it takes for a one time offer to be great, you can go back and correct any mistakes you made when putting together your sales funnel.

Time-consuming? Yes.

Worth it? Definitely!

The time you will save in responding to support requests, fending off angry customer comments on your social media profiles and issuing refunds will more than make up for the time you spend on improving your one-time-offer.

Just make sure that any customer who has already purchased your one time offer receives the updated version as well.

By reaching out with this unexpected upgrade, you will win the hearts of customers who may have otherwise been disappointed in their previous purchase.

And now, going forward, you will know exactly what to do to make your one-time-offers great!

This post may have been harsh, but it was necessary.

Look, we get it.

You’re an affiliate marketer and sales are essential for you to stay in business.

But, when sales become more important than your customers’ satisfaction, your business could be in jeopardy anyway.

Your success is important to us here at JVZoo and in order to help you achieve your greatest potential, sometimes that calls for a little tough love.

Decide today to make it a priority to deliver only the utmost quality and value to your customers and watch what a difference it makes in your business.

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