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A note from JVZoo CEO, Laura Casselman:

JVZoo is proud to update our Leaderboard with those currently in the running for the TOP TEN in each category of Sellers and Affiliates for 2018.

This is only the half-way mark, so you’ve still got plenty of time to make your move!. The numbers are close and it’s still ANYBODY’S GAME!

Each time we post a Leaderboard update, we’re thrilled to celebrate the success of our users. You guys are killing it!


Paul Ponna, Viddyoze, Michael Cheney, Ankur Shukla, Dr. Amit Pareek, Luke Maguire, VideoRemix, Brett Rutecky, Mario Brown, Chad Nicely, Cyril Gupta, Matt Bush, Joshua Zamora, Daniel Anton, VILINOX LLC, Tom Yevsikov, Abhi Dwivedi, Memeplex Limited, Ben Murray, Jamie Ohler, Walt Bayliss, Andrew Fletcher, Richard Madison, Michael Formby



Todd Gross, Sam Bakker, Sorin Asaftei, Promote Labs Inc, Dr. Amit Pareek, Martin Crumlish, Jono Armstrong, Igor Kheifets, Joshua Zamora, Ben Murray, Paul Ponna, Richard Fairbairn, Brett Rutecky, Matt Bush, Mike McKay, Ankur Shukla, Jamie Ohler, Mike From Maine, Paul Counts, Mario Brown, Venkata Ramana, Igor Burban, Simon Warner, Tom Woods, Victory Akpomedaye

There will be 2 more leaderboard updates before we announce the 2018 Winners! Good luck to you all!

Have a great day,
Laura and The JVZoo Team


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