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Obviously the goal of having a funnel in place is to be able to have it set up in a way that it will give you the best results. The results here being profit and conversions.  Unfortunately, we see one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb with product launches and funnels and we wanted to hopefully help clear it up. 

**Your backend offers have nothing to do with the product that was just purchased.**

This is probably the biggest one that we see and also the easiest to fix.  If you’re selling a product on how to build a bird cage, you won’t follow that up with something about raising dogs. It just doesn’t make any sense, yet what we see many times is the equivalent of that.

No matter what your product is, the backend offers are instantly going to convert better if you’re offering something that goes with what they just purchased. There’s the popular phrase that if you can “save someone time, they’ll pay you for it.”  This has been true since the beginning of time and is just as relevant as it ever was.  

Let’s use a report on website SEO as the front end offer as an example.  You teach them about SEO, what the steps are, how to properly do keyword research, how they should write the content, how they structure their links, what words to bold and how to get other sites to link back to them.   These are just pieces of proper SEO, but they are also things that take a good amount of time. If your first upsell is something to do with say video marketing SEO, even though it’s in the same “general area”, it’s not really anything that’s going to help them do what they just bought. This is where you lose a LOT of sales and a lot of money because of it.

A better option would be to offer some sort of software that automates one or more of the processes they learned about in the report they purchased first.  They’re going to have to spend a lot of time doing keyword research or they can purchase a piece of software that does it for them.  They’ll have to go out and post backlinks or they can get software that does that for them (obviously they will need to do some of the linking on their own to get quality links), but this now saves them time and is a perfect addition to what they just purchased. 

You now position that as the “time saver” because it is, which has just freed up a lot of time for them to now pick up the next upsell which is where you could stick your video SEO course. What’s after that? You guessed it, a piece of software that automates much of what they’ll need to do for video SEO.  

Want to take it even further? Fine, offer a private coaching course or community as the final sale (which you could offer at any point after the first product as a downsell). The point is to provide VALUE to the people who are purchasing something from you.  They bought your front end product, now help them be successful WITH that product and only offer them things that are going to do just that.  Show them how this will save you time, energy, money etc and then deliver on it.  If you do that, we guarantee your funnel will not only convert better, but it will also bring you bigger profits, more affiliates and a nice reputation of one who truly provides value to go with it. 

    2 replies to "Funnels and Conversions – One Common Mistake That Kills Your Profits"

    • Gadzirai

      I’m happy to be on your platform I’m learning a lot as I want to be financial independent thanks for this information

    • Alex Dele

      These are some valid points that you have raised. It’s easier to sell a related product to a client, than one that is totally unrelated. A value added service always aid in retaining a customer.

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