It’s time again to shine the spotlight on one of JVZoo’s very distinguished users. Today we are speaking to Gaurav Madaan, who has successfully navigated the internet marketing waters to reach many personal and professional milestones during his online career so far. In today’s interview, you will learn how he has taken what seemed at one time to be an impossible dream of becoming an online entrepreneur and made it a reality, AND discover the one thing Gaurav cannot live without during a product launch!

JVZoo: Hi, Gaurav! Tell us a little about yourself!

GM: My Name is Gaurav Madaan, I am an entrepreneur with key expertise in marketing and content. I have been in the industry for 5 Years and have trained more than 3000+ professionals in the space of Internet Marketing. Other than that, I, along with my Team, have launched 2 SAAS products and generated over $500,000 in sales as a Vendor.

JVZoo: How long have you been involved in affiliate marketing?

GM: Back in 2013, I saw a video online where the Instructor was claiming to have done $10,000 in commissions in 1 month. That is the time when I decided that I wanted to see how Affiliate Marketing works and make it a profession. It looked impossible back then (Earning $10k in a day), but today I know that’s not even 1 day’s earnings for most of the Top Affiliates.

JVZoo: How long have you been working online?

GM: I started in the true sense back in 2013 with a Tech blog named ‘Geekotech’ and today it’s one of my companies 🙂 It’s been 5 Years (all in) in the profession. Though I started doing Affiliate Marketing full time in 2015. In my initial days, I did lots of Offline Consulting for brands across India.

JVZoo: What kind of obstacles did you have to overcome in order to pursue this method of earning income?

GM: I would say that there were lots of obstacles in my journey, though one that I could highlight is lack of guidance. I could not find a mentor early in my life to guide me through the journey. I had to stumble across things by myself.

JVZoo: What is your preferred niche and how did you choose it?

GM: My preferred Niche is MMO (Make Money Online) at a broader level and Social Media Marketing at a narrower scale. It just keeps getting better and bigger with every sunrise.

JVZoo: What advice would you give someone who is just getting started as a vendor and/or as an affiliate?

GM: I would suggest for you to build your email list by giving something for FREE in exchange for their email if you are just getting started as an Affiliate. And if you starting as a Vendor, then build a Prelaunch List. In both cases, the responsive targeted leads do wonders.

JVZoo: If you could start over, what would you do differently?

GM: If I were to start again, I would build scalable evergreen long-term Self Propelling Affiliate Funnels. It simply means that I would build something that does not need work over and over again.

JVZoo: What has been your greatest success to date in your online career?

GM: There have been a number of moments where I felt I have achieved a Milestone. But one that particularly stands out is an Affiliate Promotion which I did to my Indian List with the help of a Webinar in 2015. I was able to pull out a promo of $7000 with the help of that Webinar. That was the wonder moment for me as I never thought that people in India would buy with that intensity.

JVZoo: How did you learn the ins and outs of internet marketing?

GM: Particularly in the Internet Industry, I never had a true mentor. I have stumbled my way through different courses and each one has been really valuable. All I can say is, I would have reached this stage a little earlier – if there were a mentor. Mentorship is a really important part of one’s Life and you should have one if you can find one.

JVZoo: How do you utilize JVZoo in your affiliate marketing pursuits?

GM: For the last 2 Years, I have been an Affiliate and a Vendor on JVZoo. As a Vendor, most of our revenue for our own products comes through JVZoo Affiliates. It has been a true game changer and has helped us to scale our business without having to worry about all the technicalities.

JVZoo: What are you currently working on?

GM: We are currently working on scaling our existing projects and doing good trainings around them so that it helps people to grow their business in a right-guided manner. I am also partnering up with other new vendors to help them set up their own SAAS businesses.

JVZoo: Where can we find you online?

GM: You can always find me on my Blog –

Also, I can be found on Facebook –

JVZoo: And, finally, what is one thing you cannot live without during a product launch?

GM: It’s REMARKETING – One of the things which is highly underestimated. I get my ad straight up and tightened to maximize every click that my partner Affiliates send to me.

JVZoo: Thank you, Gaurav, for taking the time to speak to us and share a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey! We can’t wait to see what successes are in store for you in the future!


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    • Manav

      Your journey is truely inspirational sir!

    • Nishant Sharma

      Gaurav…. You are the Best Mentor Ever.

      AND thank you for re-marketing tip.

    • Karan

      Awesome Gaurav! Love to see you grow!

    • Roshni Dhal


      One of the Professional, Dedicated and Sensible Entrepreneur I have ever seen in my life. I have learnt a lot of new things from you, in fact my digital entrepreneurship has started just because of you. I feel blessed to have you as my mentor.

      Keep going….Keep running

      • Gaurav Madaan

        You have also come a long way and evolved as a blend of Entrepreneur + Marketer. Keep hustling, i am humbled to have a mentee like you.

        Let’s keep hustling 🙂

    • Deepak Choudhary

      Superb sir , I am highly impressed with you Gaurav … Deepak Choudhary, Digilearnings, Jaipur

    • Sandeep Kadam

      Hey Gaurav Sir, Great to see your interview here. your Tips are really helpful. thank you so much for your Affilerator Training it has been a real eye-opener for me.

      • Gaurav Madaan

        Thanks Sandeep. Glad you liked the Affilerator Training!

    • Arvind Balaji Kakade

      Hard and Smart work Gaurav! Really inspiring for so many of us to “Take Action”.

      • Gaurav Madaan

        I am glad you are inspired to take action. Go Out and Make me Proud 🙂

    • Dnyanesh

      Inspiring Work Experience Gaurav. Hope to Emulate some shiny part on myself soon. Kudos and Keep Up the Good Work.

      • Gaurav Madaan

        I am always there, just ask ! I am hopeful you will shine soon too. Just keep hustling !

    • Mashkoor

      Great achievement like this.
      Who would not like to be interviewed!
      That’s a greatest feeling.
      Well this inspires to those beginner’s like me to make a move a have a belief that it is evergreen….
      Many Hearty Congratulations Gaurav Madaan.

      • Gaurav Madaan

        Thank you Mashkoor and Yes this is a way of Life for many across the Globe.

        JVZoo powers that belief and makes it a reality. Keep Hustling !

    • Akshay Dutta

      When I was reading this interview, I feel very conneced because I’m also facing these problems and yes, these problems are realistic… Desperately, Looking for a mentor who can guide me and waiting to start my full-time career in digital marketing..

      • Gaurav Madaan

        Yes, Mentors are really hard to find indeed. But keep looking, you will never know when someone says Yes to mentor you.

        Keep Asking without the doubt of a Refusal !

    • Hiren Tanna

      This is awesome Gaurav,

      you are absolutely right about mentor. Just signing up for affilerator training.

      • Gaurav Madaan

        Thank you Hiren.

        Looking forward to see you inside Affilerator Community soon!

    • Kenny Kolijn

      Great interview Gaurav, nice to read about the great journey you had so far. Finding a mentor helped me to get a grasp of what’s involved in starting an online business, turn my ideas into products and get to know people that I would otherwise never have known. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to shorten their learning curve.

      • Gaurav Madaan

        Thanks Kenny. On Mentor my thoughts are 100% same as you 🙂

    • Abhishek Sharma

      Great Person and A great mentor for us.
      Read Every single line , feel motivated.

      • Gaurav Madaan

        Thank you Abhishek, Glad my words made you feel motivated.


    • Aakash Shrivastava

      Thanks Gaurav for the great details. You are always an inspiration. Keep Inspiring us !!

    • Balendu Mohan

      We learn lot from other, you are one of them.

      You really doing great.

      • Gaurav Madaan

        Thanks Balendu. I am happy to see you learning and Growing !

    • David Jones

      Congratulations Gaurav on your success and wishing you the very best for your future launches.

    • Ashok Singh

      Congrats Gaurav Sir,
      Currently I am working as a PPC and Social Media Specialist in a reputed firm. And that’s all because of you and your training. I had learned many things from you. And I was also your trainee at DSIM.
      I’m really feeling so proud for you. And I know that many more exciting moments are still waiting for their perfect time to come in your journey of MMO.
      God bless you. 😃😃😃

      • Gaurav Madaan

        Glad to see you grow Ashok.

        Let’s hope best for the moments to come 🙂

    • Rahul Bhatnagar

      A really wonderful journey and sharing invaluable insights.
      Keep up the good work.

    • Vadlamudi mahesh

      Exactly answers for questions is fabulous. Tq sir giving an opportunity to learn digital marketing by the way congratulations sir

    • Omar Martin

      Great Job Guarav! Great interview!

    • saahil bajaj

      This is amazing!!

    • Davis

      Hallo Gaurav, my name is davis from kenya. I have tried so many online ventures in vain. I would love if i get personal training in building a business online with utmost success. Currently am doing my final semister in campus, and..i dont want to work in the corporate world. Please advise

    • Gaurav Madaan

      Sure, lets connect over. Feel free to message me on my Facebook Page mentioned in the blog.


    • Abinash Singh

      Congrats Sir, It’s really good to know about your journey. Sure, it will work as an inspiration for me. I just started my career in Digital Marketing and your interview gave me a lot of self-confidence.

      • Gaurav Madaan

        Glad to know that my journey could instil some confidence in you. Keep Hustling, all the way to TOP!

    • Zaman khan

      Hi I need your help for the activation my JVZOO account please.

    • shafi

      Awesome Gaurav. Keep growing…

    • Tecida

      Great job sir , Your interview is very much inspirational and very motivational also. Really very wonderful journay and Your tips are very useful anyone of in this world. Thanks for sharing the deep knowledge about Digital Marketing.

    • Prabhash

      Quite impressed by your talks. You are an inspiration for many, Keep it up, sir.

    • printablephotos

      good interview

    • mysheet

      very impressive interview. congratulations gourav on your success.

      • JVZoo Staff Writer

        Thank you and I’m sure Gourav thanks you as well!

    • Rahul Yadav

      Thanks Gaurav for the great details. You are always an inspiration.


      Very Impressive interview, thanks for inspiring us always Gaurav.

    • Mohamed Zunaid

      Nice Interview. Actually this info is very helpful for me because I started affiliate marketing with one of my blog

      And, yes I have learned few things about affiliate marketing is, it has ups and downs as you said. But one thing I recognize is choosing the right niche, providing content on regular basis, don’t expect boom commissions on starting stage.

      Hope, atleast I will became like you sir. Thanks for inspiring interview post…

    • rakimdevi

      Thanks Gaurav for the great details. You are always an inspiration.

    • Sam K

      Great interview – alot of inspiration to take from what you have achieved in such a short time online.

    • Pratibha

      Very impressive Interview sir, It is very inspirational.

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      Your content is Really Fantastic I learned from your blog. Thank you, Gaurav for making such kind of post.

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      Thanks, Gaurav Sir, you really a gem, Keep rocking, and keep helping us by giving your valuable information.

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