With American unemployment rates dropping, job seekers have their choice of positions and opportunities.

Without the desperation of needing to take whatever job they can get, people are able to be a bit more picky about where they choose to work.

This means that employers need to be competitive in what they bring to the table.

Differences in company culture, benefits packages, advancement opportunities, etc are being carefully scrutinized before a potential employee makes a final decision on whose team they will join.

People want to work where the pay is good and the benefits are generous, but they’re also concerned about something else.

Their environment and who they answer to.

Forbes recently stated that one way to determine what a management values is to take an in-depth look at the company’s benefits package.

They went on to quote JVZoo’s CEO, Laura Casselman, who stated, If you require all employees to clock a certain number of hours within the office per week, working moms may be forced to sacrifice a vacation day to care for a sick child. It’s important that company leaders acknowledge unintended consequences like this when they’re building benefits packages.”

Always a strong supporter of family values, JVZoo stands behind the adage of ‘Family First’, whether that be in regards to their own team members’ families or their extensive User family of Affiliates and Sellers.

The article goes on to list several questions a job seeker should learn the answers to about their potential boss before making a commitment to any one particular company.

Be sure to check out the entire article on Forbes entitled ‘How To Know If You’ll Get Along With Your Boss’, especially if you’re in the market for a new job this year.

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