When successful affiliate marketing gurus talk about how to reap huge profits in the industry, you’d think it would be a piece of cake.

Pick a few products

Send some emails.

Make millions.

Easy, right?

The truth is that, like any other business, affiliate marketing takes a lot of hard work and focus. One of the most important steps towards success in the industry is building a niche marketing strategy. Choosing the right niche and the best niche market keywords are as important as bringing a fishing pole to go fishing.

So what IS a niche anyway?

A niche in internet or affiliate marketing is a highly specialized and targeted market. It’s like choosing a cove to go fishing, rather than taking on the entire ocean.

Finding your niche and developing your niche marketing strategy can seem daunting. You may think you need to think of a niche that no other marketers have thought of yet. But, the truth is that every niche has already been established…at least the ones that are making people money! If you develop a niche market strategy around something so unique that no one has heard of it, chances are there is not a broad enough audience to make a profit. Do the right research to find the niche that gets you excited AND has potential to make you money.

When building your niche market strategy, consider the top and always profitable markets:


  • Health – The health and wellness industry racked up $1Trillion in 2017 as people desperately sought solutions on how to get thinner, stronger, sexier, and live forever. There are endless problems to be solved in the evergreen niche, and plenty of room for a profitable niche market strategy here. People are willing to spend big money to get rid of cellulite, wrinkles, and other frightening or embarrassing health issues.
  • Wealth – Everyone wants to be rich and spend the rest of their life lounging on a beach somewhere. The gambling industry in the US is worth over $35.5 Billion according to Statista. The foreign exchange market trades over $5.1 Trillion per day, says Wikipedia. Cryptocurrency trading is on the rise. In short, there’s plenty of money to be made in the money industry.
  • RomanceBeing healthy and wealthy are not worth much if you are all alone. eHarmony reports that over 40 Million people use online dating. Marriage counseling can cost up to $200 per hour. People are passionate about finding a companion. They are looking for help and willing to pay for it.
  • Hobbies and Activities – People are always spending a ton of money on their leisure activities. The golf industry alone is worth over $70 Billion according to Forbes. Another $30 Billion is spent on hunting, says Hunting Business Marketing. And, StatisticsBrain states that over $7 Trillion gets spent in travel annually. People will spend money on stuff that makes them happy!

People are desperate for a solution to their problems. Position yourself to solve their problems with your products and services, and you will have their attention and win their business. But, the above evergreen niches are still a bit too broad. So, let’s narrow it down to build a niche marketing strategy for you that is more focused.


  • Make a Wish List. What are you truly passionate about? What gets you excited? Who do you want to do business with? What do YOU use on an everyday basis? What problems do you, your family, and friends need help solving? If you don’t have a true connection to the niche you decide to go with, you will have a hard time sticking with it. It’s already a tough enough industry! Make your niche marketing strategy something that gets you fired up. Get as specific as you can. For example: targeting women in fitness is way too broad. But, targeting women who just had a baby with an income of $50,000 and up who want to lose weight is a more specific niche.
  • Check out the Competition. You can start to define your niche marketing strategy by using a few tools to research and spy on your competition. Quantcast is a good place to start when you are in the brainstorming stage. You can get a very broad overview of the most visited websites here. You aren’t trying to compete with the biggest names out there, just looking to see what’s trending. Go to the second and third pages of the list to start seeing websites niche out. Again, choose something that gets you excited. Once you select a broad niche, Quora and Yahoo Answers are two good resources to go see what consumers are asking about in your chosen broad niche. If we stick with exploring the fitness niche, use Quora or Yahoo Answers to research what questions people are asking about fitness today. Another great way to figure out if your niche will be profitable is to see what’s already selling on JVZoo. Go over to the JVZoo Marketplace and check out the Top Sellers. You can also browse categories by clicking on the Categories tab under the JVZoo logo on the Left of the Marketplace home screen. Click on your chosen category to see what products are already available to sell. Try the same type of search on Amazon.com


niche marketing strategy


  • Double-Check your Niche on AdWords. Since your focus is getting the most traffic you can so you can make a profit, it’s a good idea to check out the competition for your keywords. Head over to Google AdWords. Once you have an account set up, click the tool icon and then select Keyword Planner.


niche marketing strategy

Next, add up to 3 options in the search bar to find out how often these keywords get searched per month. You will also see what people are willing to pay per click. This higher the bid, the more likely it is that someone is making money using this keyword.

niche marketing strategy

If you find a keyword that is showing that people are willing to spend money on one click in a certain niche, that is a good indication that there is a possibility for profit. If you aren’t seeing anything significant as far as high bids for clicks, change directions or play around with the niche you have selected.

Once you have found a niche that you feel good about, search again with Google. See what comes up. Note organic results and any Pay-Per-Click sites as well. If the niche you have selected seems to have a sizeable number of websites that show up in organic results, but relatively few PPC competitors, you might have found a winner!

  • Start Selling! Search for and secure a domain name that is in sync with your niche marketing strategy. Get as close to making your domain identical to your niche keywords as possible if the domain is available. Start a blog or create an affiliate site. Build your list. Look for products on JVZoo, Amazon, and other sites that you can begin promoting. You can’t find out if you have selected the right niche marketing strategy until you test the waters.

There is no “right” way to become successful as an affiliate marketer. There is no magic solution to developing your niche market strategy. The niche that will work best for you is the one you are the most passionate about. Even if there is a ton of competition in the niche you really want to try, that’s ok! Passion wins over competition every time. If you have done the research, entering your niche will be a risk, as is every other business start-up. But, with the right niche market strategy, your first steps will not be a complete gamble.

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