Webinars are the ideal method for selling HIGH TICKET products upwards of $1000. Sales pages don’t convert nearly as well as webinars when it comes to selling at those bigger price points. Don’t get us wrong, with the proper advanced marketing it can happen via sales page but that’s once in a blue moon. That being said, you should know that making consistent 4 figure sales profits isn’t as elusive as you might think. We’re about to tell you how the big gurus land those big commission sales not just once in awhile, but even 20 or 30 sales in two hours, and then go on to make twice as many by the end of the weekend!

The secret is in the amount of trust the prospect has in you as a seller. You can’t sell a $2,000 product exactly the same way as you would a $9.95 product. It takes a lot more trust for someone to hand you $2,000 than 10 bucks. The prospect has to know, like, and trust you before they’ll become a high-ticket client.

The online sales method that can build the amount of trust you need is a webinar, especially after a product launch. A webinar is an online presentation that allows the audience to get to know the seller, and his business, before being presented an offer to purchase a high-ticket product. The webinar is usually a coordinated effort by the seller (vendor) and the affiliate who’s responsible for assembling the audience. (You can create your own high-ticket webinar and deliver it to your own audience for maximum profit!) Because the webinar allows for the building of trust, the high-ticket sales are much easier to make.

A webinar a.k.a. “webby” is surprisingly uncomplicated. The webinar itself is typically a LIVE slideshow presentation using PowerPoint or Keynote. You’ll need some form of broadcast software to host a LIVE webinar like GoToWebinar or WebinarJam. The biggest part of the webby is the offer itself and a link to the order page where the audience can buy. Finally, if the webby is to be available for replay or as an evergreen offer, you’ll need a quality recording.

PRO-TIP: You do NOT want to rely solely on the built-in screen recording software of your chosen webinar hosting platform. Their recorders are generally not as reliable and it will take a long time to download the recording. Plus, you may need to edit it anyway. Use an independent screen capture software like Camtasia or Screenflow for maximum reliability!

You’ll have to register the audience members for the webby. JVZoo allows you to automatically register buyers of your smaller ticket products into a backend webinar. THIS IS HUGE! This method is perfect for product launches designed for the purpose of putting hot buyer leads into a backend webinar. You can also run traffic to the registration page if you’re comfortable with Facebook ads or if you have an existing list. No matter how you find your audience, make sure they’re registered so they can attend!


Let’s say you’ve decided that you want to promote a webinar as an affiliate. The first thing you’re going to want to do is find a good audience. You’re looking for an audience that NEEDS A SOLUTION to a problem or has (Remember, people buy to decrease pain or increase pleasure.) Once you’ve identified that group of people you just have to find a webinar offer that your audience is naturally interested in.

Facebook is a great place to start when searching for a webinar. As a new marketer, you’ll want to place a great deal of time developing your network of business contacts on Facebook. Get to know a variety of marketers, join affiliate groups on Facebook and ask around for webinar vendors that may offer a suitable product for your audience. If they don’t have a webinar of their own, they can likely point you to a friend who does and perhaps make the intro too!

Google is a logical place to start, but don’t be surprised if you need to search 8 pages into the results to find a good webby. Using Google requires a lot of patience and careful searching. Nevertheless, if you have a limited business network, then it’s a good place to start.

PRO-TIP: JVZoo offers a library of automated webinars that you can promote with ease. Click on the Affiliates Tab, then choose “Find Automated Webinars”. From there you can check out the stats and see the sales page. For best conversions, we highly suggest that you attend the webinar yourself and make sure it’s a good fit for your audience.

Another thing that you can do to find webinars is look at the welcome page of every product you’ve ever bought. Many of those welcome pages will have a link to a webinar, either the registration page or the replay page. Perhaps the very webinar you’ve already seen is a good one for you to promote, especially if you’ve bought the webinar offer!

Many successful marketers attribute their most profitable webinar ventures to connections that they made in person. Networking events like JVZoo’s Marketing Mayhem or the Warrior Event are great places to meet webinar vendors. This allows you to break the digital divide and build higher levels of trust with potential partners.

Finding webinars that suit your audience requires some determination. In general, we highly recommend taking the time to develop a network of marketers that can help you locate the webby if not provide it themselves. A simple Google search or Facebook search may help you find one as well. And don’t forget there are also lots of webinar “brokers” out there that can help you find a webinar to promote (for a fee of course).

After you found a few webinars that will suit your audience, you’ll have to determine whether you can really promote it or not. There is a variety of factors to consider before committing to promote the webinar, especially if you’re relying on the webinar as the backend of a “loss leader” product launch. Therefore, you’ll want to ask a few critical questions before finalizing the deal.

We recommend a few basic stats. The basic stats to look at are…

For a backend webby many vendors chose a price point of $1,000 to $2,000 for the customer. This is a profitable price point and there may be upsells to further boost revenue.

Second is the commission rate — ideally 50% but this may vary depending on the nature of the offer. A “time for money” service offer may offer a lower commission.

Next is the conversion rate. A good standard conversion that we see across the webinar industry is at least 10%. The lower the price point the higher the conversion rate should be.

Which brings us to the final basic statistic, the sales history. Ideally the offer has run two or three times before. Has this offer been around forever? What’s the refund rate?

Since some vendors take a loss on a product launch for the sole purpose of putting people into a backend webinar,They don’t like to be the guinea pig for a brand new offer. That being said, you also don’t want to promote a webinar that everyone and their brother has already seen. As long as the basic stats look good, you should keep considering the webinar for promotion.

Basic stats are a good start, but webinar deals can get complicated in a hurry. We recommend asking the vendor a few questions to insure this is the deal you really want.


★ Will there be any upsells?

★ What’s your refund policy?

★ How far into the presentation do you reveal the purchase link?

★ Will the webinar be hosted on your GoToWebinar account or mine?

★ Are you selling these leads OUTSIDE of JVZoo?

The important thing to remember when you’re talking to a webinar vendor is that you’re in a position of power. You’re the one bringing the leads. The vendor gets the opportunity to present their high ticket product to your audience. So don’t be afraid to ask a few questions and and make sure that the webinar and the deal is a good fit for your business.

Keep in mind that if the vendor is hosting the LIVE webinar on their own GoToWebinar account and they’re using their own registration page you are basically handing your leads over to them. When you automatically register buyers into someone else’s webinar platform it is likely that the leads also gets put onto the vendors list and he/she can then mail them offers of their own.

Negotiation is important when setting up a LIVE webinar deal. Make sure you and the vendor are clear about important details before committing. A well researched webby will pay off big time in the long run!


We’ve seen many newbies make excellent money with webinars by creating a low-ticket product and using JVZoo’s auto-registration feature to sign every buyer up for the webinar AUTOMATICALLY. You’ll get two benefits when using this method.

#1 The first is that you’ll instantly register buyersthat you know are interested in the topic of the webinar. You’ll be able to frame the webinar as a New Member’s Training with a special guest.

#2 The second benefit is that you’ll build a list you can email as an affiliate after your last day of webinar replay mailing. Although only a percentage of your audience will buy on the live webinar, you can email them ALL (even those that did not attend) to the replay page. Plus you’ll still have the list! And there are many ways of making money afterwards with that list of buyers by promoting other JVZoo products to them for instant commissions.

When you select your audience and your webinar FIRST, you can then easily create a product that is a similar, but a smaller version of the webinar product. This helps to insure that the people who have purchased your product will naturally see the connection to the webinar offer. This insures that your product is CONGRUENT with the backend webinar. The last thing you really want is a Facebook group full of customers asking you why you showed them a completely irrelevant offer!

Reverse engineering your sales funnel is a prudent method for creating a profitable backend webinar experience. We recommend that you map this out way before you set out to create and launch a product. Our most successful vendors and affiliates are the ones that think this through and create an offer sequence that capitalizes on the prospects impulse and propensity to buy.

Once the leads have purchased your product and they are added to the webinar registration you’ll want to continue emailing them every day until the webinar is over. You’re going to need a warm up sequence making sure they’re booking their calendars for your webby. Then once you’re live, you need to send your registration page out to everyone to make sure they can join in. Fortunately, the webinar vendor will often have the swipes you need to keep everyone on track.

PRO-TIP: Your buyers will be auto-registered for the webby, but your prospects that DID NOT buy WILL NOT be auto-registered for the webinar. Surely you collected leads on an “exit-intent-squeeze” or “exit-redirect-squeeze” on your sales page. You will need to mail them an attractive registration page to get them on the webinar.


Okay, it’s game day now you’re ready for it. You tested your webinar software and your microphone way in advance. You’ve got your computer on and GoToWebinar is ready to go. You’ve got your preferred screen capture software recording everything. You can see your audience coming in and the vendor has arrived with his presentation ready to go.

In the very beginning of the call, you’re going want to do a few things. After saying “Hello”, you’ll want to check the audience’s pulse and also let them know that they’re going to need to be active — a sleepy audience doesn’t buy.

So it’s a good idea to ask, “Can everyone hear me okay? Can you put a ‘1’ in the comments to let me know?” Obviously, you do want to make sure you haven’t skipped a silly detail like turning on your microphone. More importantly, you want them to know from the beginning that you want them to follow your directions. That’s why you want them to do something simple, but specific, like give you a “1” instead of a “yes” or “I can hear you.”

PRO-TIP: It’s a good idea to occasionally engage the audience by asking for a specific response to insure they’re still following and engaged. It can be as simple as “Let me know where you’re from in the comments.” You can also give prizes out for answers to trivia questions related to the webby topic. An experienced vendor will often place specific points in his presentation for audience interaction.

If the audience you’ve created is an audience of buyers, then you’ll want to take the first 10 to 15 minutes of the call giving them an orientation to the product they just bought. After the orientation, you can introduce your special guest, who can then take over the webinar (be made Presenter in the GoToWebinar software) and present from there.

During the vendor’s presentation, you’ll want to stay on mute. You can answer people’s comments privately as the vendor will often be busy with the show. Once the vendor begins the show, you’ll have a very reduced role. At the closing, you’ll want to thank everyone for coming to the Orientation call.

Although the first 10 to 15 minutes are the most nerve-racking, the webinar itself is very easy for you as the affiliate. After orientation, you simply answer the questions that come in and then thank everyone for coming at the end. Just make sure you’ve got a good recording!


Even with every buyer automatically registered, even with your registration page being sent out to your lists, even with if you do every single thing right you’re still only going to get about 25-30% of your registrants to show up live on the webinar. Now don’t freak out. That doesn’t mean you’re going to have poor sales.

Let’s do some basic math to illustrate the process. This is just a hypothetical example of the math and your results will vary greatly based on sales numbers and individual performance.

If you were to make 2,000 frontend sales that means you registered 2,000 people directly into the webinar. At a 30% attendance rate you can expect about 600 attendees, plus whoever signed up on your registration page after the launch. We’ll say an extra 20 for this example. So 620 people will see the webinar live, which should convert at 10% (per your research) with a $1,000 commission for you. So 62 sales at $1,000 each is $62,000 for the live webinar. Not too shabby!

Now it gets better. You recorded the replay and placed a replay page up for everyone to see. Although the replay will only be mailed to your entire list for about 5 days, many vendors have been known to get twice as many sales with a replay than they did on the LIVE call. This is because that replay gets seen by the 70% of registrants that didn’t attend LIVE. In theory, with the math in THIS example a backend webinar could potentially add $186,000 to a product launch.

The key here is that replay page. You’ll need a simple headline and the video to autoplay. The biggest thing to consider on the replay page is a big bright countdown timer that ends when you’re going to stop mailing the replay link. Don’t forget to place the Buy button beneath the video!

Once you get into the last two days of the replay mailing, you should consider making Buy button visible from the beginning of the video. You may also want to remove the New Member’s Orientation and give a brief intro of the vendor instead. Many vendors even add a table of contents beneath the replay video for the last 2 days of the replay promotion.

There are varying viewpoints as to what days and times are best to start and end webinar campaigns. A popular option is doing the LIVE webby on a Wednesday night, around 7PM or 8 PM Eastern time, and then mailing the replay until that Sunday night at midnight.

After the replay sequence has concluded, you should begin mailing for other products as an affiliate, but keep the replay page up, just remove the countdown timer. This is for any residual traffic or evergreen buyers of your frontend product. The only way to see the replay will be to log in to the member’s area and find the link on the welcome page.

The replay strategy is really where it’s at when it comes to making the a lot of webinar sales. It’s simple to record, requires no fancy editing, and just needs a page for your customers to watch it and buy. If you’re not recording your webinars and posting a replay with an urgency countdown, you’re missing out BIGTIME!


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