breaking into the tech world

Despite the fact that gender discrimination is a very real problem in the tech industry, women are increasingly making their presence known and appreciated.

This is a trend that all of us here at JVZoo hope to see continue.

Our tech team is proud to include a very capable and talented young woman, Christina Kline, who has been featured in a recent article on ReadWrite.

Beginning her career with JVZoo as an intern, Christina has become an integral part of our technical team and her contributions are an important factor in how well JVZoo functions.

Because of our company culture, women are welcome and encouraged to bring their ideas to the table without fear of discrimination.

Sadly, that is not true of many companies, even with the world’s focus on providing equality in the workplace.  

Working together towards creating work environments that value ability over sexual orientation is just one of the ways we can change this.

Be sure to read the full article, How Women Are Breaking Into The Tech World, to learn what your company can do help influence the tech industry by welcoming more women into positions where they can make a significant impact.

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