increasing landing page conversions

You know what’s really frustrating?

Putting a ton of time and effort into building a website, creating a landing page and then busting your butt to flood it with traffic only to check for conversions and see…


Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Ever been there?

It’s like a punch in the gut.

And it leaves you wondering what the heck you did wrong? Right?

A million things can go through your mind at that point.

Was it the headline? The button color? The font?


Ok, calm down…

We’re just contemplating here…

Even though it might have happened to you.

Or is happening to you.

There’s good news.

Increasing landing page conversions can be confusing and a little bit frustrating.

But, with the following ideas to help you…

A checklist, if you will…

Your job will be made a whole lot easier.

1 – Write AMAZING Headlines!

You want to grab your reader’s attention right off the bat and quickly sum up your offer. Make it as informative as you can, but keep it snappy!

Then, you can add a subheading that expands on the promise made in your headline.

Remember, people don’t usually read every word on your web page, they skim through it quickly.

You’ve got only a couple seconds to get your point across in a way that makes them want more.

2 – Include Visuals.

Great graphics and/or videos will entice your readers to stay longer.

Of course, they should relate to your offer and flow naturally throughout your landing page.

If your selling a product, it should be shown on the page.

If you’re selling a service, use a graphic that displays your ideal client enjoying the benefits of that service.

If you can tie in your headline to your visuals, that’s always a plus!

3 – Use Bullet Points To List The Benefits.

Lists and bullet points – two things that people just love. So, give them two in one!

List the benefits of your product or service using bullet points.

It’s a quick and easy way to tell your readers just what you’ve got to offer them in a way they enjoy viewing it.

4 – Slow Their Scroll.

Put your most important and catchy content at the top of the page, before your viewer would need to scroll.

In fact, if they don’t need to scroll at all, that’s even better!

Everyone is in a hurry these days, even when they’re searching for what they need online.

You want to give them as much info in as concise a manner as possible without them needing to keep scrolling

And scrolling

And scrolling

Get the idea?

5 – Have A Clear, Unmistakable Call To Action.

Your landing page visitors need to know what you want them to do. That’s what your call to action is there for – to tell them. They need to see it and they need to understand it.

Your call to action button should be the most prominent thing on your page. Using text? Increase the size a bit & make sure the color is contrasting if you want to increase landing page conversions.

Heck, stand back and view your landing page from a distance. Do you notice your call to action first? Good. If not, try again.

You don’t have to go crazy here. It doesn’t need to be obnoxious, but more of an enhancement to your written content.

The idea is to make sure your call to action is seen and doesn’t get lost in the words or design of your page.

Increasing landing page conversions doesn’t need to be as complex an undertaking as you might think.

Put these ideas to the test if you aren’t seeing the results you’re looking for despite the traffic you’re driving.

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