It seems that the open office plan has had its share of haters.

And, it’s true, this type of work environment isn’t preferable for everyone.

But for those who enjoy the collaborative aspect of having your team members close by, the benefits are undeniable.

On August 22nd, Inc. published an article on open offices in which they mentioned some pros and cons of this type of workspace and shared how JVZoo’s own open office plan has proven to be beneficial for team members working there.

The JVZoo office is designed to include everyone, from the CEO to the Interns, all in the same room.

This has proven to greatly increase productivity and efficiency.

JVZoo team members are able to bounce ideas off of each other and work closely on projects that need collaboration between the individual teams.

It’s also turned out to be a great help in recruiting new employees who would like to work with a company that encourages the sharing of ideas regardless of what position one holds.

Open office plans aren’t only rewarding for employees, though.

Upper management also finds them to be advantageous, especially for determining their team’s individual strengths and advancement potential.

Small issues that come up in conversation between employees can be recognized and dealt with quickly without the need for a meeting, or having to block out a chunk of time to be filled in.

And, because everyone is working together, it encourages more of a team atmosphere instead of a hierarchy.

JVZoo has always embraced a culture that encourages teamwork and the open office plan we use works wonderfully for us.

Be sure to head over to and read the entire article on open offices and how a simple shift in seating can help management recognize their top talent.

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