With the recent PayPal crackdowns, you may find yourself asking what next?

You have questions and we have the answers – and options.

So, PayPal Shutdowns Aren’t The End-All-Be-All Of Our Industry?

Nope, and we’ll explain why.

While account limitations and closures have certainly been painful and held great impact on individuals and our industry, there are options outside of PayPal. But first, while we’re on the topic, let’s discuss PayPal:

Are you rethinking using PayPal Adaptive Payments and Instant Commissions?

With all the speculation going around, different messages being relayed from PayPal themselves, we are all left to wonder IF Adaptive Payments IS the issue, and if so, what can be done IF your customers prefer PayPal even though you, as a Seller, do not.

Place your Affiliates on Delayed and move the payment inside the JVZoo platform to mass payments with the click of one button! It’s that simple to break the chain of Adaptive Payments.

If you want complete separation as Sellers and Affiliates, we’ve recently introduced JVZooPay.

JVZooPay combines the ability for International Sellers to accept payments while ensuring Affiliates receive their owed commissions on a Global Level without any hiccups.

This New option provides a solution for the following concerns:

  • Sellers/Affiliates being connected
  • Instant Commissions appearing to reviewers as Money Laundering Services
  • Affiliate Commissions not being paid as agreed or in a timely manner

Below you can see the huge benefits of JVZooPay and what we have done to give you more control of your business than ever before.

Affiliate Benefits:

  • Control where your income is paid
  • Frictionless payouts
  • Minimize risk
  • Control how you get paid (Choose Instant, Delayed, or JVZooPay products – Affiliate Information pages will display the JVZooPay logo when Commissions are paid via JVZooPay)
  • Ensure your commissions are always paid
  • Works with payment provider available in over 200+ countries with low fees
  • Transaction Report that shows commissions received and their status (never guess which transactions were refunded).

Seller Benefits:

  • Minimize risk by breaking the Seller/Affiliate payment connection
  • Seller revenue remains in your own business ensuring the value of your company is increasing and not lowered by MOR services
  • Removes the pain of paying out commissions manually
  • Lower refund rates when compared to MOR services

Don’t want to process via PayPal at all?

Super, use our BlueSnap Integration!

What’s BlueSnap?

BlueSnap specializes in global payment processing. They’ve been in the business since 2001 and were created to make the sale of goods online easier while helping businesses grow. That’s a breath of fresh air, right?

Used by some of the biggest companies in the digital marketing world: Magento, WooCommerce, Clickfunnels, InfusionSoft, SalesForce, Zapier, and HubSpot.

Some of our favorite features of BlueSnap are:

  • Global Reach with Localized Checkout: 180 countries supported, 100+ currencies
  • Subscription and Recurring Payments
  • PCI compliant data can be transferred (You can take your customer payment data with you if you leave BlueSnap — how cool is that?!)
  • Commission Splits and eligible for JVZooPay for Affiliate Commissions
  • Comparable Fees to Paypal and many times, lower
  • Seller receives their portion of the product sale directly into their BlueSnap account which can later be withdrawn to their connected bank account.

Why does it take so long to get approved by BlueSnap and what should I do to ensure my application gets approved?

BlueSnap allows processing through most all major credit cards, so your application here is similar to applying for your own merchant account (but a little easier to get approved!).

We’ve worked with BlueSnap to provide you with the following information that will assist with approvals:

  • Providing websites with only the products you want to sell through BlueSnap
  • No services anywhere on the site from Non-PayFac countries (details below)
  • Websites must be complete (product for sell on the page, not just an “About Us” Page or a placeholder page). A sales page for the product that is submitted to JVZoo for review will suffice.
  • “Get Rich Quick” or “Make Money Fast” will NOT be approved. TRANSLATION – if you promise that a customer will make money fast by buying your product, JVZoo will deny your sales page and BlueSnap (as well as other processors) will NOT approve you or close your account.
  • PayFac Countries may sell approved services with BlueSnap. PayFac countries are US, CA, and countries throughout EU.
  • Financial Services/Consulting are not allowed via BlueSnap. Again, provide a link to an actual sales page to your product for BlueSnap approval.

If you sell your services outside of JVZoo and we do not review your sales pages, DO NOT provide this to BlueSnap. Also note, if you sell products/services that are not compliant with BlueSnap’s AUP and are on the Prohibited List, you WILL NOT be approved if you submit these services in your review process.

Please familiarize yourself with the Prohibited items and do not submit websites that have any of these services or ever list a BlueSnap buy button on them.

But wait. NO PayPal? At All? And I Can Still Process Payments?

You heard that right. We have options for you and even more are coming.  BlueSnap, Stripe, and Zift are just some of those options!

But I’ve Heard Stripe Is No Better Than PayPal?

When it comes to payment processors we say to each his own.  If Stripe isn’t for you, use BlueSnap, Zift, or your own Merchant Account to accept payments

Speaking of Zift, why doesn’t Zift accept Sellers outside of the US and CA?

They are actively working with their underwriters for the capability of accepting users outside of the US and CA. They are fighting for your business because they want to support our industry.

If you can’t yet utilize Zift because you aren’t in the US or CA and you dislike PayPal and you’re not a fan of Stripe, that’s not a problem either;  you can utilize our newest integration with BlueSnap or run with the big boys by plugging in your merchant account through Auth.net.

What If I Use A Different Form Of PayPal other than Adaptive Payments?

If you are using delayed payments or pay via mass payments or even another modality, you’ve essentially broken the chain of Adaptive Payments.

Outside of that, any other form of non-chained payments inside of PayPal such as Express Checkout or PayPal for Partners is still PAYPAL. We know, it’s crazy right?!

What If I Choose To Use A Wallet Type System or JVZooPay With PayPal?

We can’t guarantee that using a wallet system while still processing through PayPal will keep you safe. But maybe it will, as it will separate you from affiliates. The truth is, no one knows at this time.

So, What If I Still Want More?

You spoke and we’re listening, like we have every year for the last 7 years.  Speaking of which, did you know that JVZoo averages 343 user requested features and changes per year, EVERY year? That means we not only listen to our users, we HEAR your concerns, and implement services and features to address those concerns. That’s why we’ve introduced JVZooPay and brought on additional processors and providers (Zift, BlueSnap, PayArc, and Payoneer) and we’re just getting warmed up!

Here’s The Big Question: Is PayPal against affiliate networks?

Great question and at this point, we don’t really know anymore. It seems each person there has a different answer and while at JVZoo we believe in open communication and consistency, we aren’t PayPal. We will continue to relay the information they provide us, as we receive it.

What about the “new” PayPal that replaces Adaptive Payments, isn’t it better and safer for us?

PayPal for Marketplaces (no matter what name you give it) is still PayPal. Yes, it has some pretty cool features which is why we are integrating and will offer this to our users.

As for being safer – users who have only used this new version of PayPal have lost their accounts for violating PayPal’s AUP policies while using other platforms.

Don’t want to take our word for it? Do your own research and you’ll see this is fact.

PayPal will ban users no matter what version of PayPal they are using IF the user violates their AUP policy.

What does this mean for our industry?

Well, if PayPal is against affiliate networks, that would impact every platform that is an affiliate network including those who are the Merchant of Record (MOR) utilizing PayPal as a payment processor.

But Aren’t The Platforms Safe Where They Are The Merchant of Record?

Wait a minute, you think PayPal is against our ENTIRE industry, but is going to continue to allow companies to operate with a PayPal account for the SAME products and SELLERS who just lost their accounts if they aren’t the MOR?

How long do you think that will last? Asking for a friend.

Did you know the MOR is responsible for all taxes?

(That’s 23 states in the US, and that’s just for digital downloadable products, the provinces in CA, and VAT in EU if there’s consumers there.)

If a platform you use is acting as MOR and not charging taxes in the required states and countries, they are violating tax laws. Violating laws and policies is what jeopardizes our industry, so if you see a platform doing this…RUN!

Anyone offering to be your MOR without taking taxes should be a red flag to your business.

And no, it doesn’t make you or your business SAFE to use the platform if you’re aware they aren’t abiding by the laws and you willingly use them to sell your products.

Bottom Line:

At JVZoo, we want you to have options, so that you never feel backed into a corner when it comes to processing your payments. That’s why we currently integrate with multiple payment processors, providers, and have released JVZooPay.


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