Super October Leaderboard

Super October is in full swing!

The race to win $20,000 in Cash and Exclusive Merchandise is underway and our Users are tapping into their Internet Marketing Superpowers!

Sales (and commissions) are stacking up as JVZoo Users push their entrepreneurial limits and fight to secure their spot at the top of the Super October Leaderboard.

In the 7 days since this competition went live, there have been over 90 New Products released on JVZoo and you all have been pushing them like CRAZY!

Super October participants are already being rewarded for this superhuman burst of hard work through dramatically increased sales and record-breaking commissions.

Not to mention a renewed focus and determination to build their businesses.

Sometimes all you need is a little friendly competition to get you up and moving in the right direction again or spur you on to even greater success!

And that’s exactly what we had in mind with Super October!

When YOU succeed, WE succeed and we’re so proud of your accomplishments so far!

Speaking of accomplishments….

Right now, in the Affiliate Competition…

Sorin Asaftei, Jamie Ohler Dropmock & Sam Bakker have shot out of the gates and are all chasing after that Top Prize!

In fourth place, Syed Akram is closing the gap, but Jono Armstrong is right on heels and only $10 away!

That ONE small sale could make a HUGE difference!

Brett Rutecky, Todd Gross, John Michael, Cyril Gupta, Rama Sharma, and Igor Burban aren’t far behind, though and they are sure to give him a run for his money!


Victory Akpomedaye, Karthik Ramani, Simon Warner, and Martin Crumlish hold spots 12-15 and are primed and ready to make their moves towards the top of the leaderboard at any moment!

And, in the Seller Competition…

Luke Maguire, AnimationStudio, Saaransh & Brett Rutecky are in the lead with Engaged Marketing Media coming in close behind.

Brad Stephens and Han Fan are battling for 6th place and Michael Cheney only needs $100 in sales to steal 8th place from RTB Solution.

ProfitJackr, Neil Napier, Paul Ponna, Neha Arora, Jamie Lewis, and Victory Akpomedaye are coming up fast, though and at this point, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out victorious!

Haven’t thrown your hat in the ring yet? That’s OK!

This is only the FIRST Leaderboard update, so you have PLENTY of time to get in the game!

Head over to JVZoo, grab your affiliate links and make your move!

This will be an October to remember!

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Here are the current Super October Leaderboard Standings:

Current Top Affiliates:

  1. Sorin Asaftei
  2. Jamie Ohler DropMock
  3. Sam Bakker
  4. Syed Akram
  5. Jono Armstrong
  6. Brett Rutecky
  7. Todd Gross
  8. John Michael
  9. Cyril M Gupta
  10. Rama Sharma
  11. Karthic Ramani
  12. Igor Burban
  13. Simon Warner
  14. Martin Crumlish
  15. Tim Verdouw

And, These Are The Current Top Performing Sellers Who Trust Their Business With JVZoo:

  1. Luke Maguire
  2. Animation Studio
  3. Saaransh
  4. Brett Rutecky
  5. Engaged Marketing Media
  6. Brad Stephens
  7. Han Fan
  8. Michael Cheney
  9. ProfitJakr
  10. RTB Solution
  11. Neil Napier
  12. Paul Ponna
  13. Neha Arora
  14. Jamie Lewis
  15. Victory Akpomedaye

Don’t worry if you don’t see your name here yet!

The competition doesn’t end until October 31st, 2018 at 11:59pm ET, so you have plenty of time to take action and come out on top!

Check back soon for more Super October Updates at our Official JVZoo Facebook Group, our Facebook Page, through email, and right here on the blog!

And if you haven’t already, get all the juicy details about Super October right here:

View the Super October Leaderboard at:


    • Aikay Joearmstrong

      I’m inspired by these names and what they represent. Hope to be like these guys soon.

      • JVZoo Staff Writer

        They certainly are all very inspirational! Thank you for showing your support and best of luck in your affiliate marketing career!

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