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6 Ways To Improve Your Video Marketing

There continue to be more and more people watching and sharing videos, quickly surpassing written content. While utilizing written content is still important, you might also want to consider upping your game with video marketing. It can be a powerful resource for promoting products and services, whether through the video itself or the description of the video where you add relevant links. Here are some tips to help you improve your video marketing.

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Long-Tail And Short-Tail Keywords – What Is The Difference?

When you are advertising your online business, you will likely be working on including keywords in your content. Keywords are still important, even with all the recent Google algorithm changes. Keywords are where the majority of your organic search results come from, so you should still focus on including them in all your content. With keywords, you will want to use a combination of short-tail and long-tail keywords. Here are some things to know about each and how to tell the difference between them.

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