There continue to be more and more people watching and sharing videos, quickly surpassing written content. While utilizing written content is still important, you might also want to consider upping your game with video marketing. It can be a powerful resource for promoting products and services, whether through the video itself or the description of the video where you add relevant links. Here are some tips to help you improve your video marketing.

  1. Think About the Story

The thing about videos is that you can’t just start talking about a product you are attempting to promote and sell it, even if you are doing a product review video. You need to tell a story and give people watching a reason to keep watching your video, share it, and still consider the product being promoted. There is always a story to be told or some way to make it more personal and reach your audience with more than a big demand for their money.

  1. It’s All in the Title

Keyword utilization and SEO still counts in video, just not in the way you think it does. One of the major ways is with the video title. You should try not to be too cutesy with the video title, since you need it to be engaging and descriptive of what the video is, but also preferably include some type of keyword that tells the viewer what the video is about. YouTube is run by Google, so the videos rank very well in search, but it is even better when you choose good keywords.

  1. Include a Call to Action

This may seen like a very obvious suggestion, but far too many people have been avoiding the CTA in their videos. Just because you aren’t adding a one-line sentence telling the reader to buy your product and showing a buy button doesn’t mean there isn’t a great opportunity for a CTA in your video. If you truly want to be successful with video marketing, make sure there is time at the end to tell the viewer exactly what they need to do next.

  1. Add an HTML Link to Your Description

Another important part of video marketing is the description box. This is where you are going to use more keywords, give information about the video, and provide any relevant links. You should do split testing to figure out the best way to handle the description box. Some people prefer having their link be the first thing in the description box so that viewers see it, while others like adding keywords first. With the description in YouTube, the entire box isn’t seen unless they click to read the entire thing, which is why you might want to have the links at the very top.

  1. Write a Blog Post For Every Video

It might seem silly that you need a written post for every video, but this is actually really important. It gives you the opportunity to use the entire conversation in your video to get more unique content and written keywords onto your blog, thus getting even more traffic. Whenever you are done with a video, embed it into a blog post, then write a post describing what is said in the video. This can either be a summary of the summary, or an actual transcription for anyone that wants the information, but is not able to watch or listen to the video at that time. Some people will read the post and watch the video, which is great because you have two traffic sources from the same person.

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