What’s the difference between a product selling thousands of copies in the JVZoo Marketplace  and one that only sells a handful… How do you create a best selling product?

First of all your product needs to be useful, it needs to solve a problem. You buy detergent because your clothes are dirty and you need them clean. But what problems do people face in online marketing?

They want to make more money and in order to do that they need traffic, leads and sales… these are 3 eternal “problems” that you can always rely on. Of course they can and often should be broken down into smaller niches e.g. using your WordPress blog to generate leads or getting free traffic from Facebook.

The keypoint here is to ask yourself: “Does my product idea solve a problem for someone?”

Will it help them achieve a goal, complete a task… and will it actually work for them?

If the answer is yes then congratulations, you have a good product idea and the rest is just marketing. And when you have something that works and does what it says on the tin… it’s ok to sell the sizzle instead of the steak.

On the other hand… Some less ethical marketers tend to start with the marketing message, crafting something they know will sell and then hastily throwing together a product as an afterthought.

Don’t be that guy… be the problem solver instead (and never release a product you would not use yourself).

It will work better and be more rewarding long term… it’s also far easier to market something you believe in (and you’ll sleep better at night too).

So how do you find out what people want and need?

Ask And You Shall Receive

The easiest way to find out what you prospective buyers are looking for… is to ask them.

If you already have an email list, consider sending them a survey (so you can better help them). Ask them what their goals are, what they are struggling with. The answers could tell you exactly what product to create.

Browse Facebook groups and other social media sites related to your industry. Make a note of what questions people are most often asking, what are they complaining about and what are they wishing for… then give them exactly that.

Get Inspired

Take a look at the market place and note what the best sellers are. If 9 out of 10 of the bestsellers are products about making videos, then it’s a pretty good bet that there’s more money to be made in that niche. It’s much easier to sell what you know for a fact people are already buying.

Looking at the bestsellers in your niche can also help you come up with some great product ideas.

Maybe most of them are quite expensive, pricing out a segment of the market you can capture. Consider making a lighter and cheaper version.

Maybe the products are complex and start at knowledge point C – cutting out all the beginners that have not mastered A yet. So consider creating a product that bridges the gap

Perhaps there are even flaws or missing features in the bestsellers, another market gap for you to fill.

Steal The Perfect Product Idea From Facebook

There are certain websites that most people both use and read about in the news. We’re talking about behemoths like Amazon, Google and Facebook. Whenever these giants make changes and introduce cool new features people will notice.

A lot of the all time best selling products on JVZoo have been made in one of these two ways:

  1. Facebook just made this cool thing – buy this and you can do the same on your blog/site
  2. Amazon just introduced this feature – this software will help you take advantage of it.

People Sure Are Lazy

Information products are great, they are easy to create and publish and it’s a good starting point for anyone just getting into product creation. Just keep in mind that information will rarely sell as well as shiny software or other gizmos.

Nobody likes hard work and we all want instant gratification (and results, thank you very much).

It’s always easier to sell the software that helps you make high converting ads than the book that teaches you how to do it.

It might even be more helpful because several studies have shown that up to 80% of buyers never open the information products they buy… whereas most people will press buttons in the software they just bought.

So even if you are creating an information product, consider including elements people can take action on immediately. It will help you craft a better and more powerful marketing message.

Faster, Better… And Easier

This is the major benefit of us humans being lazy. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to make a new product.

If you can take some necessary task that is either complicated, time consuming or downright scary… and then make it faster and easier – people will be excited about that.

We talked about video products earlier and that is a great example. Many people are scared of going on camera. Proper recording equipment can be expensive and smooth editing can be both complicated and time consuming.

But they still know they NEED video in their marketing

That’s why a lot of those best selling video products offered ways to make videos with a few clicks, using avatars and animations. This approach can be used in lots of different niches.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Use and test your own products before releasing them. Get the data and the juicy numbers on record. People will be far more likely to buy if they can see that the product has actually produced results and maybe even made some money.

Definitely consider using beta testers. Maybe some of your subscribers or people you find in Facebook groups. Getting more eyes on the product is guaranteed to find flaws and bugs you would never have caught yourself. But it will also give you many ideas on how to improve your product and ideas for future updates and products. People will ask for features you never knew they wanted.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

If you start with a best seller and only go from strength to strength after that… you will be the first and only marketer in history to achieve that.

Everybody fails sometimes… heck even giants like Coca-Cola have bombed completely when releasing new products.

Analyze why something didn’t sell and learn from it… and do better next time.

The worst thing that can happen is that you now have knowledge and a decent product you can use as a lead magnet or bonus while you develop an even better one.

Just keep one thing in mind… find out what problems people have and set out to solve those problems… and you can’t really go wrong.

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