Right now with everything that is going on in the world, people being stuck at home, sports canceled, if you can entertain an audience & educate them you WIN.

Where are all the people in the world right now? Social media… all looking to be entertained.

That’s why we brought you this exact article that talks about how you can make bank and deliver quality content to the world during this tough time.

Being the FIRST

Many times, one of the best things you can do is be one of the first adopters of something.  Think about when TV first came out. People were so used to listening to the radio, many businesses didn’t think that paying for advertisements on TV was worth it. Same thing with the film industry. When VHS tapes first came out, they were laughed at by many of the big film producers…think that cost them? Absolutely it did!

Just look at the market share the EARLY ADOPTER GAIN.

To show how early adopters win

You can use this same scenario with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other massively successful social media platforms. Imagine if you had been one of the first to use any of them for your business. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, but there’s always something that can be learned from looking back. 

What is that in this situation?

Do NOT let something that could potentially turn out to be just as big as anything listed above pass you by again! With the release of VideoDashboard you now have the opportunity to take advantage of the social media boom like never before. 

You can now with VideoDashboard: 

  • Discover: Research, identify and monetize exponential growth trends before they happen!
  • Create: Build unlimited platform-specific videos that attract attention & get you more customers.
  • Publish: Schedule and syndicate your stunning videos to all platforms from ONE unified app.
  • Automate: Grow your business without paid ads using powerful first-to-market technologies.
  • Commercial License: Drive unlimited free traffic, leads and sales for yourself OR sell to clients.

The best part is you can do all of this from ONE place, right inside VideoDashboard. That saves hours of having to do the research, log into different places and keep everything organized. Imagine being ahead of the next huge marketing wave…with EXACTLY the right tools to take advantage of it. 

Social Media is hands down the  “super traffic highway” and each time a new platform achieves massive growth, you can be there to take advantage.

Google in 2001, MySpace in 2004, Facebook in 2007, Instagram in 2011, YouTube in 2012, Snapchat in 2014

The 3 Stages

It happens in 3 stages:
* Adoption
* Growth
* Establishment 

It’s been SIX years since the last major online market shift. Since then, social media has grown from 1.96 billion to 3.48 BILLION users. This coming shift is going to be HUGE. In 2020 & beyond, TikTok, Medium, Reddit & LinkedIn are set to dominate video & social traffic…while established giants keep fighting for supremacy.

You adopt these new channels today, you WIN.

VideoDashboard was created to let you take advantage of it! 

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