Having YOUR product chosen as JVZoo’s Product Of The Day is one of the highest recognition you can get from JVZoo.

Has this ever happened to you? Or, is this recognition a goal of yours to achieve?

Well, today we are unwrapping the process and filling you in on what it really takes for your product(s) to be considered for Product Of The Day!

Making Your Product Eligible

This part is very easy!

When you first set up your product inside JVZoo you will notice a section under Product >> Time Sale and there you will find a box to “tick” under the question: “Do you want to have this product showcased as a Product of the Day on the JVZoo site?”

By “ticking” this box, you show your interest in having us consider your product for Product Of The Day.

JVZoo will then be the affiliate when we promote your product to previous buyers and you will be able to set up a custom JVZoo commission payout.

The Process

Let us tell you… this process is not an easy one! There are a lot of different factors that come into play when making this daily decision!

When looking at the 100,000s of products within JVZoo, we focus on a variety of factors like (but not limited to):

  • Number of Sales
  • Is the Product Compliant
  • Revenue
  • Conversion Rate
  • Refunds
  • Customer Comments

Please know that we never promise anyone Product Of The Day.

Doing so would not only negatively impact JVZoo affiliates but it would also jeopardize the integrity of such a HIGHLY Prized Award.

So, make sure you “tick” the Product Of The Day box when setting up your product or else you could be missing out on a huge JVZoo recognition and the extra promotion that comes with it.


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