For most of us, competing in an Olympic sport is a goal that has never been included in our list of aspirations. Similarly, making it big in the field of internet marketing is probably not something Shaun White has thought much about, either.  There are similarities between the personalities and characteristics of both types of professionals, however, and if their passions were focused on the internet, Olympic athletes would make some serious headway in the world of internet marketing. Here’s why:

They are constantly learning. Olympic athletes are always increasing their knowledge about their sport, its rules, its regulations, the ins and outs of perfecting their technique, etc. Not a day goes by that they don’t learn something new and use it to make their performance better than the day before. They go out of their way to find just the right coach, mentors, and idols to emulate and then they take all of that data and research and make it their own; crafting it into their personal, unique presentation in order to stand out amongst all other competitors in their field.

They are action takers. An Olympic athlete doesn’t let any time pass between learning a new technique and the implementation of it into their training and/or routine. There is no waiting until tomorrow, until their mood is better, or until the time is ‘right’. There is no procrastinating. They are consistently proactive. Likewise, if a marketer isn’t updating their technique with new tips and tricks, they are going to be outrun by their competition.

They do whatever it takes to win. You can bet that an Olympic athlete gets tired, hungry, lonely, overwhelmed, and frustrated at times – just like you do. But does that stop them? Never! They know that whatever discomfort they are going through right now is worth the payoff when they step up on that podium to receive their medal. They push through the pain, through the exhaustion, and the obstacles and do whatever it takes to reach their goal. Preparing for a product launch or setting up an affiliate campaign can be long, hard work, but the payoff is rewarding when you see sales and commissions start pouring into your Paypal account.

They evaluate their past performances to see where they need to improve. In order to get better at anything, one must take an honest look at what they’ve done in the past and see where they have succeeded and yes, where they have failed. While others may shy away from focusing in on their failures, an Olympic athlete will study each and every instance of failure in order to learn what they did wrong and how to correct it. Failures with launches and affiliate campaigns will happen. Not every ad will be perfect or even successful, but you take what did happen and learn from it. 

They give 100% effort all of the time. While it may be tempting to slack off, an Olympic athlete knows that they MUST give it their all in order to compete against the best in the world. Every day they show up and give 100% to their training because they know it has to be done. If they want to win, a half-assed performance simply will not cut it. This is important, because now, more than ever, sellers and affiliates are waiting until the last minute to test their funnels, build their affiliate list of buyers, get their sales pages set up, etc. This will not help them make sales or commissions. Pay attention to the small details & give 100% effort in order to see outstanding results!


They are coachable and trainable. An Olympic athlete knows that there is no place for ego in a learning situation. They are able to take advice and instruction from those who have the knowledge to get them where they need to be. In fact, the most successful athletes are the ones who are the most open to coaching. There IS a learning curve when it comes to transitioning from a traditional employee to an online entrepreneur. That’s why we strongly recommend learning from the best. You can find excellent training on how to succeed as an affiliate or product creator at JVZoo Academy.

They set big goals & dream big dreams. Olympic athletes set goals for themselves so high that the normal, everyday person would never come close to achieving them. Their dreams are those that most people would pass off as fantasy. In an Olympians mind, though, they are absolutely, 100% attainable and no doubts or fears are allowed to take up residency in their minds to stall their progress or dilute their perseverance. It is VERY IMPORTANT to set goals when launching a new product or creating an affiliate campaign. Without them, expectations can go right out the window, and then what is the real point of all that hard work? Your drive to succeed and get on those leaderboards as an affiliate goes a long way to making it happen.

The same can be said of the most successful and influential internet marketers. Regardless of where your area of expertise lies, if you want to be a winner in your field, these are all characteristics that will get you there. Without them, your business will be, at best, mediocre and that is not how the winners of the world perform.

Do you see yourself possessing these characteristics when it comes to your own business? If so, great! Keep on doing what you’re doing and make it a point to improve your skills continuously. If not, don’t despair, just realize that it is time to up your game. These disciplines can be learned if you put your mind to it. Success is still within your grasp!

We here at JVZoo are your biggest fans. That’s why we enthusiastically recommend JVZoo Academy as our #1 choice for learning the exact steps you need to take in order to succeed online! There, you will learn the proven systems our high-performance sellers are using to make incredible profits as affiliates and/or product vendors. Don’t waste time procrastinating on this one. Remember, winners are action takers!

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