We’re always striving to make it as easy as possible for you to grow your business and make more money with JVZoo

That’s why we release more new features and updates than any other affiliate network. 

In fact, we do so many updates that most of them don’t get their own announcement, let alone a blog post like this one.

Most of these new features are also a direct result of requests and suggestions from our members.

We listen to our users… you ask… and we deliver!

This is also true when it comes to compliance…

We tell you again and again how important it is for your products and promotions to stay compliant. We want to protect your ability to keep growing your online income for years to come.

But just because compliance is important, doesn’t mean that it should be annoying or difficult!

Here are two new features you requested… and they are going to make the product compliance review process a lot faster and smoother.

You can now add access information to your products. This means that the JVZoo product review team has instant access and can perform their reviews much quicker.


And if there’s a compliance issue with any of your products you’ll now get a note directly from the product reviewer.

This will tell you exactly what the problem is and how you can fix it!

While these two quality of life updates may seem small

They are going to cut several steps and back and forth emails out of the review process. Making everything easier and ensuring you can get back to selling your products as quickly as possible.

These features are already live and you can login to JVZoo right now, go to your product edit page and add the review access information to your product… So you can avoid any downtime next time they are needed.

Have a Great Day
Your JVZoo Team

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