Zapier – Automate Workflows by Connecting your Apps

You live in a world of apps used to get things done. But how do you automate tasks that are tedious between these apps? For instance, whenever JVZoo products are refunded you could receive notifications via a Slack channel. Perhaps those same product refunds also adds customers to an Aweber list for follow up. But how do you integrate all your apps with JVZoo? This is where Zapier innovates.

Zapier’s three step process is as follows:
Integrate – With a few clicks, link your web apps to share data.
Automate – With workflows called Zaps, pass data between your applications.
Innovate – Build automated processes to get more done in the least amount of time.

Workflows called “Zaps” are comprised of a trigger event in one app causing an automated action to occur in another. A simple Zap could be:
TRIGGER – When I get a new email in Gmail.
ACTION – Copy the attachment from Gmail to Dropbox.
ACTION – Alert me in Slack about the new Dropbox file.

The building blocks of an entire Zap include Triggers, Searches and Actions. Triggers monitor events in one app and start a sequence of automated tasks upon being triggered. Searches query your existing data. And Actions create new items completing your tasks automatically. A single Trigger can begin multiple Searches and Actions in what is called a “Multi-Step” Zap. This eliminating mistakes while saving time.

Some ideas to leverage the power of Zapier with JVZoo include:

  • Update JVZoo sales count in Google Sheets.
  • Send notifications to a Slack channel whenever JVZoo produce are refunded.
  • Send Slack notifications when JVZoo products are sold.
  • Receive SMS Messages to your phone when JVZoo products sell.
  • Add a new Asana task to contact customer on JVZoo refund.
  • Create new Demio registrants from JVZoo product sales.
  • Add new JVZoo product sales to Quickbooks Online as customers.
  • Add new contacts to Infusionsoft from JVZoo product sales.
  • Add customers to an Aweber list from JVZoo product refunds.

Zapier has two “instant” triggers already created for use with JVZoo. The two triggers are:

  • New Refunded Sale – Triggers when a refund is issued on the selected product.
  • New Sale – Triggers when the selected product is purchased.

Zapier support many services used by JVZoo affiliates and product vendors. The number of “zaps” supported at the time of this writing is as follows:

  • 100 “zaps” between Aweber and other apps.
  • 98 “zaps” between Paypal and other apps.
  • 80 premium “zaps” between GetResponse and other apps.
  • 100 “zaps” between Asana and other apps.
  • 100 “zaps” between Trello and other apps.
  • 100 “zaps” between Facebook Leads and other apps.
  • Over 1000 apps available. Look up your app now.

With Zapier anyone with a few clicks can build customized workflows that fit your business processes. The online editor allows for easy do-it-yourself automation without a developers help. If you want to extend your workflows, look up info, send data anywhere, than Zapier can bridge the gap between applications.There are more than a thousand apps that Zapier supports. With a few clicks anyone can build automated workflows to eliminate tedious tasks with Zapier.


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    • Rabin Das

      Date : Jun 14, 2018
      Dear Friends,
      I have been eagerly seeking your kind and esteemed HELP in the matter of selling my approved JVZoo PRODUCTS
      among you all.
      As such I hereby request your kind FAVOR in this regard please in order to help promote my business activities.
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      Rabin Das

    • JVZoo Staff Writer

      Hi, Rabin. Thank you for your interest in selling your products through the JVZoo Affiliate platform. If you need to contact JVZoo support, you may do so by clicking on the ‘Support’ tab at the top of the page. If you are looking for additional training on how to utilize JVZoo to your best advantage, we highly recommend JVZoo Academy which can be found at

    • Abhiraj Govind Waghmare

      How much investment is needed for any affiliate to money online with jvzoo academy?

    • Abhiraj Govind Waghmare

      How much investment is needed for any affiliate to make money online with help of jvzoo academy?

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