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One of the most asked questions we get is “How can I get more affiliates to promote my products”.  There’s not one magical answer that’s going to make affiliates want to flood in and start to promote, but there are some things that you can do to give yourself the best possible chance at it. 

1. Test Your Offer and Get Stats

The first one should be obvious, but unfortunately it just doesn’t seem to be. You need to TEST  your offer first to make sure that it does in fact convert. There’s nothing affiliates hate more than sending traffic to an offer and getting zero commission for it. That is by far the fastest way to ensure that an affiliate isn’t going to be promoting for you the next time you have a product release. 

Many times, the bigger name affiliates won’t even touch an offer until they see some stats unless you’ve already done business with them before.  You absolutely want them on board to promote for you because they will often bring other affiliates with them by default. “Oh Mike’s promoting? It must be good then.”  Make sure you’ve run some traffic to your offer and throughout the funnel to get some stats to be able to present. You’ll want to make any adjustments that you can to increase conversions while you’re doing this. You can always make adjustments at any point, and you probably will as traffic increases, but you want to have as much ready to go to the offer and funnel before you turn it loose to affiliates. Obviously the better the stats, the better the chance you have of landing affiliates. 


2. Have Affiliate Resources

Once you have some stats, the less work you leave for your affiliates to do the better chance you have at getting to promote. Each affiliate is going to have different methods of promotion so the more things you have to help them, the better off you’ll be. This includes, but is not limited to:

Email Swipes Written From Various Angles
Bonus Page Templates
Bonuses They Can Use
Graphic Images for Social Media
Commission Bumps For Number of Sales

The first five are all promotional material that affiliates will want. If you don’t have them, that just means they’re going to have to make them and that takes them time. Again, the less time they have to spend creating things instead of just getting right to the marketing, the better your chances of getting them to promote.  The commission bump is a nice tactic that can get some attention. It basically means the affiliate is going to get X% for the first X amount of sales, but once they reach that mark, they get a bump to X+%. For example, 50% commission for 100 sales and once you hit that 100 sale mark, now you get 75% commission.

3. Network, Network, Network

This one is often the most overlooked unfortunately yet it may be the most important of them all. Just like in anything, the more people you know, the more people you can reach out to. Having a rolodex of affiliates and product creators is a major asset and it’s one that anyone can build even if you don’t have a product to sell yourself.

We’ll go into this much deeper in other articles in the future, but here’s a few quick ways you can start to network more.

Keep up with successful marketers on Facebook or other Social Media and interact with them. The more they see your name the more they’ll remember it.

Offer to help someone you know who is successful already.  This could be anything from seeing if they need a product tester, if you can create anything for them, if they have any tasks you can help them with they don’t want to do, etc.  Sounds a bit like extra work, and it can be, but you can build some fantastic relationships with people this way. Not everyone will have something you can do, but keep asking until you find someone that does. They’re much more likely to help you after you’ve helped them.

Go to live events!  This world is based so much behind a computer that when you have the chance to go meet someone in person, TAKE IT!  There are more deals done at events than just about anywhere else. Especially if you aren’t on a first name basis with many of the affiliates, you should absolutely be there. People have a tendency to remember the conversation at the bar or outside the lobby of the hotel more than one of a hundred Facebook messages they’ve gotten. 


Start putting some of these things into play when you’re recruiting affiliates and you’ll start to see more and more of them promoting for you.

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