4 Secrets To A Successful Lead Generation Campaign

If you are involved in affiliate marketing at all, it’s almost a given that you have heard the phrase “the money is in the list.” You have probably heard it so many times that you’ve tuned it out, but that is a huge mistake. Your list is what gives you a personal connection to hundreds, if not thousands of people who have given you permission to tell them about your products or services. They are what you call “qualified leads.” They are interested in what you have to offer and want to hear all about it.

But, where do you find these people? How do you get them to opt-in to your email list?

Below are four secrets to a successful lead generation campaign:

1.) Determine Who Your Ideal Customer Is

Think about what your product or service is. Who will it help the most? When you think about the person who is sitting down at their computer to search Google for your product or service, what do they look like? How old are they? Are they a man or a woman? How much money do they have to spend? All of these are key factors in determining your ideal customer/client. You need to understand their most pressing problems and be able to solve them. The more you can narrow these statistics down, the easier it will be for you to have a successful lead generation campaign.

2.) Give Away Something That They Perceive As Having A High Value

Your ideal client/customer is searching for an answer to their problem. Brainstorm ways in which you can give them the answer that they’re looking for in exchange for their email address. Most affiliate marketers offer a digital download of some sort because they can give their new lead instant gratification that way. A digital download can be anything from an e-book or e-course to a series of videos. Use your imagination to come up with a giveaway that is just right for your prospects and make sure it’s available immediately upon opt-in.

3.) Have Multiple Opt-In Forms

Make sure it is easy to opt-in to your email list. If you have a blog, place opt-in forms at the bottom of your blog posts, at the top right-hand corner of your blog and in a pop-up box. Create a landing page for your giveaway. Test and track which method gives you the best conversion rate.

Obtaining an email address in exchange for your freebie is a must, but when deciding what other information to ask for keep in mind that the more hoops your prospective lead has to jump through the less likely they are to opt-in to your list.

4.) Drive Traffic

It is only common sense that the more people who see what you have to offer, the more will opt-in to your list. There are many ways to get website traffic to your giveaway – social media campaigns, content marketing, solo ads, word of mouth, JV giveaway events, forums; the list goes on and on. Utilize as many of these as you can to get your opt-in form in front of as many eyeballs as you can.

Spend time at the places online and offline where your ideal customer does. Offer helpful suggestions, create relationships, ask them if they would like the free information you have available. Pretty soon your list will be growing by leaps and bounds.

Always remember to make it worth your new lead’s time by thanking them for signing up, delivering their free giveaway immediately, and providing them with valuable and relevant content in your emails. Make sure they never regret opting into your list and you will have customers for life.

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