You have gone through the hard work of researching tips for being an affiliate marketer, started a blog or website, and have decided on your niche and products to promote. You now need to take all of that research and information and put it to good use by promoting the products. Here are five excellent ways to start promoting your products.

  1. Promote to Your Email List

There are some older forms of affiliate marketing that were much more prominent than they are today, such as with article marketing, but one that has stuck around is promoting to your email list. Of course there have been a lot of advancements in using email to promote a product, including more advanced spam filters and organizing emails into different categories. Using this knowledge, you will be able to draft an email subject line that gets your followers attention and you understand the importance of only sending emails to those who volunteered to sign up for your list. Also make sure you offering some value and not just sending links.

  1. Create a Blog

Having a blog or website is another really important way to promote your affiliate products. This allows you to use article marketing, but in an entirely different way. You are going to submit your own articles on your own blog or website so that you can include as many affiliate links as you want. It is essential that all of the content you add is unique and high-quality, without using article spinners or adding content that is barely readable. It should be relevant to your niche market and be helpful to your readers.

  1. Add Links to Your Social Media Posts

Social media isn’t going anywhere, though it is changing quite a bit. You need to be able to stay on top of all the newest social media networks so that you can continue promoting to the right audience. This means using Twitter and Facebook when relevant, but also beginning to use the newer social media platforms, such as Snapchat, and finding a way to make them work for your marketing efforts. With social media, just like other marketing methods, you should have a good balance between promotional and non-promotional posts and updates. This is what helps to keep people engaged.

  1. Buy Ad Banners

With ad blocker, this might be a little bit of a struggle, but trust me: not everyone is blocking ads. In fact, Google Chrome has changed how ad blockers work on their sites, so even with it activated, users will still see some ads. You can either go to sites or social media networks and post ads on their directly, such as relevant blogs or Facebook ads, or you can purchase standard ads across different platforms. Another way to use banners is by placing them on your own website or blog. These can be used for opt-ins where you are able to promote to more people through email, or by having a direct link to the offer you are trying to promote.

  1. Use Multi-Media to Promote

Many internet users are getting more of their information from video and audio, as opposed to text. This means not only should you have blog posts to promote products, but be using multi-media, including images, videos, and even audio clips, such as with Podcasts. People might be more inclined to get the information you have through multi-media when they don’t want to read an email or a long and involved blog post. Try to cover all the different areas of media and stretch out your marketing efforts.

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