A video sales letter is essentially a video version of your sales page. Done correctly, they are an excellent way to increase sales. Easily put together with a quality microphone and video capture software, using video sales letters in your marketing has many benefits, such as giving you the ability to demonstrate your product and its benefits, increase engagement through animation, and evoke the correct emotions from your potential customers. In short, videos can do things that a text-based sales page simply cannot.

In this post, we will discuss the 5 Must-Have Elements of a Video Sales Letter

Preparation For Creating Your Video Sales Letter:

Before you begin to create the script for your video sales letter you will need to get inside the mind of your customer. This allows you to craft a message specifically focused on them and the difficulties they are facing. When you do this, your audience will be able to relate to you on a much deeper level and will be much more likely to make a purchase from you.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

1.) What is their biggest fear or problem that they struggle with?
2.) What do they want? What is the goal they are trying to achieve?
3.) How will your customers’ lives be improved by using your product?

5 Must-Have Elements Of A Video Sales Letter:

There are five key elements of a video sales letter and it is imperative that you include all of them if you want to see the results you want.

1 – The Introduction – This is the beginning of your video and where you will be introducing yourself and what you will be teaching your audience. It is during this segment that you will set the expectations of your potential customers that they will be learning something valuable. Once you have done that, tell them to grab their pen and some paper and prepare to take notes. If you’d like, add a suspenseful countdown to allow them to do that or ask them to pause the video.

For example, if you are teaching your viewers how to generate leads, you could say:

Today, I will be showing you my 3 Step Process to generating leads on social media so you can build your business at record speed and be flooded with sales!

With this one sentence, you have included the method that solves their problem and gives them their desired result. Now, you try it:

Today, I’m going to show you *METHOD* that works perfectly for *PROBLEM* so you can *DESIRED RESULT*!
So, grab your pen and some paper and get ready to take notes!

2  – Get Their Attention – The second part of your video is where you want to grab their attention! If you do this correctly, your viewers will stay to watch the entire video and your offer at the end. To do this, paint a mental picture with ‘What If’ questions and get them to imagine their desired goal and what that would feel like. Use this ‘What If’ method 2-3 times, like this:

What if you never ran out of fresh, targeted leads?
What if you could say goodbye to spending hours on social media without getting any results?
What if you were able to spend less time on social media, but get 10x the leads and sales?

Now, it’s your turn:

Imagine this….
What if you… *DESIRED GOAL*
What if you could… *GET RID OF THEIR PROBLEM*

3 – Deal with skepticism – Most people are naturally skeptical when they are presented with something that sounds impossible. And if they have been struggling with an area of their life or business for a while, their issue may indeed seem impossible to overcome. In this part of your video, you will want to deal with that skepticism with empathy and examples. When someone is dealing with a difficulty, they usually feel very alone in their battle. You want to empathize with your viewers and show them how you or someone else felt the same way about the same thing. Show them that they are not alone by making them a part of a group of people who share their struggles. You can do this using the feel/felt/found method.

For example: Do you feel frustrated with the number of leads you are getting on social media right now? I felt the same way until I found the 3 step system I’m about to show you! Now I am seeing new leads come in every day, like clockwork!

Try it yourself:

Do you feel *How They Are Feeling* about *Their Problem*? I felt the same way until I found *The Method* and now I can *Desired Result*.

Pro Tip: Never pretend you have the answer to their problem. Really care about your customers and offer them solutions that really work.

4 – The Tutorial – It is now time for you to teach your audience what you’ve been promising. Make sure that you are showing them something that is important that can help them, not just something that everyone else is teaching already and can be found with a simple Google search. If you can, demonstrate how this method works. An over-the-shoulder tutorial is great for this part of the video! Giving your viewers this information and teaching them how to solve a part of their problem helps to build goodwill and encourages their trust in your abilities. It also helps to establish you as an authority on this matter.

5 – The Offer – You’ve now reached the end of your tutorial and it is time for you to introduce your offer. You’ve got three questions you’ll need to answer at this stage of your video. They are:

What do you have to offer?
What will it do for them?
What do they need to do next?

Basically, you will present your product and go over its benefits and features, like this:

Benefit #1 gives you *desired result*
Benefit #2 gives you *desired result*
Benefit #3 gives you *desired result*

And so on…

Once you’ve covered that, it is time to disclose the price and go over your guarantee in detail. Remember, when you guarantee your product it increases trust and also leads to higher sales! f your product is on dimesale or has an introductory price, be sure to mention that as well. When all is said and done, be sure to close with a strong call to action by letting your viewers know what you want them to do next. For example:

Click The Button Below To Order Now!

In a future post, we will go over some tips and tools for creating your video sales letters, such as where to host your videos and the tools you will need for video production.

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