With internet marketing and affiliate marketing, having an email list is one of the top ways to be successful. When you get subscribers, you should keep them interested with emails that don’t just try to sell a product, but are helpful and useful to them. Unfortunately, emails do sometimes end up in the spam folder, even when you are doing everything legitimately. Here are some tips for keeping those emails out of your subscribers’ spam folders.

Send Out Emails Right Away to New Subscribers

If you have veer signed up for another person’s subscription list, you know that you tend to look for that email shortly after signing up. Sometimes you might find it in your spam folder, and click that it isn’t spam, which keeps their future emails out of the spam folder. Remember this when deciding when to send emails to people who sign up for your newsletter. Set up an automatic welcome email that goes out immediately after someone signs up for your list. This helps them keep an eye out for it so they can see if it comes up in their inbox or if it gets hit by the spam filter.

Be Careful About the Wording You Use

Many of the main email spam filters know what wording people who spam are likely to use, so they blacklist these terms. If you use the trigger words or phrases, your email is most likely going to end up in their spam folder, even if you didn’t mean for it to appear as spam. Become familiar with the spam phrases so you can make sure you don’t use them in the subject line of your emails. You should never use words like “free”, “sign up”, or “prize”. These phrases tend to signal that you are making a claim or promise to the subscribers, which can often trigger spam filters.

Never Mislead the Reader

You will also get targeted by the spam filters if you say something misleading or that is a flat out lie. An old trick that marketers would use to attempt to get an email read is by putting Re: or Fwd: in the subject line. The assumption was that the person would open it, thinking they had a legitimate reply. Never do this unless it is actually a reply to a message you received from your subscriber. You should also not be deceptive in making promises or guarantees in your subject line. These are also things that will get you in the spam folder.

Offer Text-Based Emails

Some emails are sent to spam folders because of your readers for a variety of reasons. One way they might mark them as spam is because they load slow or become difficult to read Keep the images to a low and offer the option of reading emails as text only instead of HTML emails. Most people do prefer basic text without any colors, images, or fancy fonts. Go ahead and try comparing HTML emails to plain text emails and see how the rate of spam labels occurs.

Use a Spam Checker

Before you send your emails, take an extra few minutes to run the email through a spam checker. Make sure you include the subject line you intend to use. The spam checker will let you know if the subject line or content of the email is going to trigger any spam filters. It should also let you know which of the words or phrases are going to trigger it and send it to their spam folder.

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