8 Places To Run Your Next PPC Campaign

PPC marketing or pay-per-click marketing is one of the fastest ways to get great results online. By using paid programs like Google AdWords, Facebook Advertisement, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo Search Marketing etc, you can access a large amount of your target audience in a very short span of time. Because the ads are displayed for specific keywords, you can always be sure that your money is not wasted on unwanted audiences

If you choose a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, you must first select the platform on which you want to run it. There are a few options that you should highly consider so that you can be successful out of the gate.

The main tip is to run it where your audience is. Do not try to run a PPC campaign on a new platform that you do not know if your audience is using or not.

Facebook – Many companies are now looking seriously at marketing on Facebook, it’s a great way to publish any upcoming events, or to provide feedback on new ventures. Facebook interaction amongst users is much higher than search engine sites. They have the social network atmosphere that is almost party like. Users see what their friend status updates say, they comment on links or photos, and share information on Facebook as well, so there is huge potential to market virally.

Setting up a PPC campaign on Facebook is pretty easy. Almost everyone can do it. They guide you step by step through the process with a very intuitive platform. You can set a daily budget plus an overall budget so you do not accidentally forget about it and run over your budget.

Google – This is the big daddy of PPC network and most popular platform. The main advantage of Google AdWords is that it just appears next to the organic search results in Google. The other advantage is that Google gives you $ 100 to get started.


Yahoo! Bing – This network has less traffic, but it is a good place to start because of the lower competition for you. You can get some very loyal customers through this platform and not break the bank in the process.

Advertising .com – Pay-Per-Click advertising keeps the advertiser in control of the advertising campaign. You are able to adjust the audience and set your own price per click (pay-per-click). Most PPC advertising networks offer the platform to specify the target audience by geographic location and topic or industry. The advertising networks have websites of publishers, where these ads are displayed.

Pinterest – Promoted pins are a relatively new feature, but it is simple. You simply choose a pin that you like and is popular, set the targeting so that the right people will see it, pay for your results (you can choose clicks or engagement), then analyze it to find out what is working best.

Twitter – Twitter has recently begun allowing campaigns with PPC’s promoted tweets, promoted trends and sponsored accounts, enabling marketers and advertisers to target certain users with content of their interest. The promotion of tweets is a sure way to engage with a large audience and promote things like campaigns, trade fairs or products. PPC on Twitter will also help you promote the account to add the number of followers to the brand. Also, having a large following is a great way to add your social media statistics.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn ads though a bit on the expensive front, give you well-enriched targeting options compared to any other platform in the world of digital marketing. Since the amount of money involved is huge (brands must pay a minimum of $ 2 per click), campaign management becomes extremely critical.

Popular Blog Networks – You can utilize an ad network like WordStream.com to help you run ads across different networks and blogs. There are ad networks that work with niche blogs to help start ads running across all blogs in the network.

Running a PPC campaign can be expensive if you are not careful about where to go. Choose a place where your audience likes to hang out, then create an ad that appeals to your audience so they can know immediately that this ad is for them.

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