When it comes to internet marketing, you typically start by choosing the niche you want to be in. This is a very big decision because there is so much to think about. You want a niche that has a big potential customer base, preferably evergreen so it is always popular, but you also want to be careful about the competition. Popular niches often also have a lot of competition, which is where it can get a little tricky. Here are some things to consider when deciding if you should get involved in a high competition niche or not.

Too Much Competition Can Make It Harder To Get Sales

One of the main reasons people shy away from a niche that has too much competition is because it can make it harder to make sales. With a lot of competition in your niche, there are a lot of other businesses, websites, and blogs that are putting out similar content. If you are in the health niche and summer starts, you can bet everyone is busy getting their content ready to advertise juicing, weight loss over the summer, and water drinking challenges. Getting sales or building your list becomes more of a challenge since you are competing with so many other people. This doesn’t make it impossible to be successful but does add to the difficulty a bit.

You Can Learn From Other People’s Mistakes

On the positive side, it can be good when you choose a high competition niche because you are able to learn from other people’s mistakes. Look at some of your top competitors, see how they are doing things, and where they might be going wrong. Really research your competition because this allows you to see how they advertise products and services to this particular niche, and you can usually pinpoint areas where they might have made a wrong turn, and you can go a different direction. You are actually learning from them and doing better on your own.

It May Be Harder to Target Your Content When You Have A Lot of Competition

Keep in mind that you are probably going to use unique content on your website or blog as a way to encourage more traffic and sales, but that is also a little more challenging with a high competition niche. The reason is because it is more difficult finding topics that haven’t already been covered, or at least putting a new spin on them. If you have chosen the relationship niche, which is extremely popular and competitive, many of the general topics have been time hundreds or even thousands of times. This means you really need to hone in on a particular struggle people face in terms of relationships so that you can figure out a brand new spin on it and get your content targeted properly.

Competition Is Only One Thing To Consider

Remember that when choosing a niche and working on your business, the competition of that niche is only one thing to consider. There is so much to choosing a niche, from being interested in this niche, to the potential for sales. When researching a niche, make sure there is enough high-quality content you can promote, but also that there is potential for more in the future. It is something where you think products will be continuously created? This is a big deal when choosing a niche because you always want to provide fresh resources for your customers and email list. Definitely look at the competition, but also look at other factors as well.


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