The Results are in…the 3rd Quarter was a tight race!

The winners worked hard for these TOP Spots…

We saw some amazing things happen this quarter.

The race was close but here’s how the TOP 10 Stack up….

3rd Quarter Top Affiliates:

  1. Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar you did it! You held out the rest of the competition to maintain your #1 spot for 3 quarters in a row…can you secure the spot again last quarter of 2020?  Keep up the awesome work Paul and Sid!

  2. Vlad & Stoica your consistency is amazing and has earned you another spot in the Top! Congrats, Vlad & Stoica!

  3. Todd Gross It is no surprise to us that you had another strong and steady quarter. Keep dominating the competition Todd!

  4. Martin Crumlish,  way to continue to climb up the leaderboard.  Way to go Martin!

  5. Adeel Chowdhry solid effort to be back amongst the High Performance Leaders this quarter. Keep it up, Adeel!

  6. Abhi Dwivedi you consistently deliver great products and kill it as an affiliate. Your drive has you landing on the leaderboard each quarter. Kudos, Abhi!

  7. Early Bird Offer, you are always a force to be reckoned with and you definitely proved that this month! Congratulations, Syed!

  8. Adrian & Cristian, this dynamic duo is crushing the competition.  Keep up the amazing work!

  9. Sam Bakker, way to work your way back to the Top 10 Awesome job, Sam!

  10. Mario Brown you delivered some amazing affiliate campaigns this quarter! Job well done, Mario!

We saw some amazing launches happen this last quarter too, including superstars showing up at the last minute to claim their place in the ranks of the High Performers!

Here’s how the Top Performing Products stacked up:

  1. DoodleMaker EnterprisePaul Ponna and Sid Diwar teamed up with Ali Chowdhry, to bring you another remarkable product.  DoodleMaker is a futuristic Artificial Intelligence technology that automatically transforms any text or content into colorful doodle videos in any language.
  2. Synthesys PersonalMario Brown joined forces with Oliver Goodwin and produced yet another top notch product.  Synthesys Personal is the World’s first ever software that turns any test into a real human voice-over in just 3 simple clicks.
  3. LeadsGorilla AdvancedBen Murray, Adrian Bogdan and Cristian Seb collaborated to create a stellar product.  LeadsGorilla Advanced is a smart app that automatically finds and lands local agency clients for you with proprietary technology.
  4. Funnelvio Commercial Neil Napier and his JV Manager, Simon Warner, pulled out all the stops to bring us an amazing product.  Clone any funnel with just 3 clicks and create unlimited ultra-fast loading pages with 99.9% uptime securing funnels with Funnelvio Commercial.
  5. CourseReel Professional Abhi Dwivedi not only crushed it as an affiliate, but he also brought us a fabulous product.  Create profitable video courses simply speaking or by repurposing others old content within minutes with CourseReel Professional!
  6. DropshiplyDevid Farah brought us Dropshiply a never before seen technology that builds dropshipping empires without Shopify.
  7. StockRush Agency Misan Morrison, Abhinav Jain and Joshua Johnson teamed up to bring you StockRush Agency which allows you to sell stock media using their mind blowing all-in-1 searchable stock platform.
  8. ZeroTouch agency 30 Clients Licence – HighonM and LetX came together to bring us, ZeroTouch agency, a much needed solution to local clients to help them save their business from the wrath of Covid 19.

  9. SyndTrio Agency Joshua Zamora knocked it out of the park yet again.  SyndTrio is a 3-in-1 web-app that gets you fast page 1 rankings (that stick) via the power of quality & fully-automatic, social syndication to 25+ authority sites!

  10. QuizTarget CommercialHarshal Jadhav and Vishal Kangane brought us a fabulous product. Create engaging video & lead quizzes that skyrocket leads and boost conversions for any business with QuizTarget Commercial.

A HUGE congratulations to you all! 

We are nearing the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still time. 

So, for everyone else that did not make it, you have plenty of time to land a place on the top! 

At JVZoo we have always and will continue to celebrate our users success. 

After all, WE build our platform for YOU!

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