Making your products affiliate-friendly typically means increased sales. Why? When you make it easy for someone else to promote whatever it is you’re selling, that person will be more inclined to proceed. Here are five ways to attract new affiliates to promote your products:

Give Affiliates a Review Copy

Many affiliates make it a practice to only promote products they’ve had a chance to review. A good percentage of these same individuals don’t have the funds to invest in one product after another. That’s where the review copy comes in.

Yes, you’ll lose money initially. However, the idea is to recoup that money when you attract new affiliates make sales for you.

Offer Large Commissions

No one wants to put a tremendous amount of effort into selling something when they only get five to ten percent commission. It just isn’t worth the trouble. Offering commission between 50 and 75 percent will attract a much higher number of affiliates, eager to market your product.

Pay Affiliates Promptly

When affiliates learn that you pay commission promptly, they’ll be much more excited to join your program. People don’t want to wait weeks or even months to get paid for their efforts. 

Clearly Defined Terms

It’s crucial to clearly spell out your terms and restrictions on your affiliate page. This helps to reduce the number of issues and disagreements that sometimes pop up out of nowhere.

Provide Tools and Creatives

Affiliates love to promote quality products that already have eye-catching creatives in place. This includes things like banners, buttons and auto-responder emails. The less time they have to spend making these things, the more time they can devote to marketing.

There you have it. Five easy ways to make your products more affiliate-friendly. As you can see, none of these things are all that difficult to put into place. It just takes a bit of time for the initial set-up process.

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