Why Adopt An Email Marketing Platform?

Your goal as an email marketer is to build loyal customers out of your lists of often passive subscribers. You accomplish this by using targeted communications that offer value; ultimately moving them closer to purchasing your services or products. Every successful affiliate marketer and product vendor needs a reliable way to properly collect, segment and send automated communication to subscribers of your email lists. This means you need a way to manage your email communications by using industry leading email marketing and automation solutions offered by Aweber or GetResponse.

Modern platforms today offer a suite of email marketing and online campaign management tools. These tools include online editors to create newsletters, landing pages, forms and surveys, split-testing, and autoresponders with analytics to track performance. Some platforms even offer ancillary services like the ability to offer webinars; however, the foundation of any affiliate or vendor’s mission lies in their ability to engage the subscriber. Email accomplish this via automated communications triggered at certain times and based on the actions of your subscriber. The goal is to have the subscriber take a particular action you desire.

The email marketing tool used to automatically deliver a sequence of messages to subscribers is called an autoresponder. This is because pre-written communications will automatically be sent in response to a subscriber’s particular behavior. Platforms like Aweber and GetResponse are often simply referred to as “autoresponders” even though they can do much more.

List Building
In your process of building lists it is important that these lists are properly segmented by the various actions taken by a prospect. This allows you to cultivate a targeted relationship and ultimately convert them into a loyal customer based on their interest. In the case of a product vendor, they need to manage communications with their sales partners called affiliates. The money is in “the list”, so it is especially important to adopt an autoresponder solution like Aweber or GetResponse that will serve your email marketing strategies now and into the future.

Aweber is an automation platform focused on email marketing since 1998. Using their easy-to-use automation platform, you can engage your audience by launching email sequences where you can tag and segment subscribers based on their behavior. You can also send one-time promotional email or newsletter to track your results.

What is unique about Aweber is their live phone support, in addition to email and text chat. With direct support, a 4-minute phone call would solve your question in record time, avoiding a 20-minute chat. Aweber doesn’t leave you in the dark as they provide educational resources like email copy templates, list-building courses and webinars designed for beginners and advanced email marketers. Aweber’s 20 years of experience in using their own emails servers and IP addresses ensures your email delivery is optimized in getting your offers delivered to your subscriber’s inbox.

Aweber’s drag-and-drop builder avoids complex settings in automating your email sequences ultimately saving you time and hassles. Aweber offers targeted advanced segmentation and tagging that is click-based avoiding complex programing. This feature allows you to tag subscribers based on the emails they open and links they click allowing you to automate target emails based on behavior. If this isn’t enough you are able to create a web form or integrate with third-party solutions in adding subscribers to easily grow your lists. Aweber offers tracking on the go with their mobile application to measure open and click rates along with statistics of individual subscribers.


GetResponse is your all-in-one marketing platform offering marketing automation solutions like landing pages, webinars, customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing services. GetResponse allows you to create, publish and host eye catching and high-converting landing pages. This webinar marketing solution is designed to increase your conversion rates, offering easy integration with all their services. With GetResponse CRM, you can even monitor your sales pipeline at every stage, seeing where they are in your pipeline and what action they have taken as you attempt to convert leads into sales, which are viewable in one place. How would you like your emails delivered to your contacts when they are most likely to engage? GetResponse has this additional feature.

The specific features offered within each GetResponse solution includes the following:

  • Landing Pages – Design and publish engaging promo, video and squeeze pages with their easy drag-and-drop editor, integrations, and advanced optimization tools. Leverage over 100 done-for-you “mobile-ready” templates to save you time. When you adopt GetResponse you get: Landing Pages, Templates, Mobile Workspace, Responsive Design, plus 1000+ iStock photos and more.
  • Webinars – You get a complete webinar marketing solution to enhance your communications with your customers. Automatically send invites, reminders, and follow-up emails to foster more leads, conversions, and ultimately more sales. GetResponse includes: Webinars, Social Media Integrations, Multimedia Studio, Landing Page Templates, and more.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Using custom pipelines you can close more deals by customizing those pipelines to monitor and organize the sales process from beginning to end. By overseeing deals and stages you are able to identify opportunities to improve the overall process. To nurture your customer funnel or best reflect your business model GetResponse CRM may be what you need.
  • Email Marketing – To optimize your engagement, increase conversions and ultimately grow your lists you can do so with GetResponse’s visually appealing emails and autoresponders, laser-sharp segmentation, high-converting web forms, and unique delivery tools. GetResponse’s email marketing solution includes: Drag-and-drop Email Editor, Autoresponders, Perfect Timing, A/B Testing, Forms, Advanced Analytics, and more.
  • Marketing Automation – Based on your subscribers’ needs, data and actions, you can plan, build, and manage individual customer journeys. Arranged into workflows, leverage filters, actions, and conditions built on simple “if-then” logic. Marketing Automation features include: Marketing Automation, Automation Segmentation, Scoring, Web Event Tracking, Cart Abandonment, and more.

If you want the journey of your customer to be automated based on detailed data and customer behavior that is integrated across multiple solutions, then GetResponse may be your marketing platform service.


Unique Features of Aweber and GetResponse

In review, Aweber is the defacto standard due to it’s established market penetration early on in the email marketing industry. Most third-party vendors recognize this and usually include an integration option for Aweber. This is not always true for every “autoresponder” service or product. Most importantly, Aweber is known for their award winning customer service even offering toll free phone support in the U.S.A. This type of customer support is unique in allowing you to get immediate service by telephone.

GetResponse is a newer service differentiated by offering ancillary services like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and GetResponse Webinars. Through an exclusive arrangement JVZoo has options directly integrating with GetResponse offering a simpler setup process.

Both Aweber and GetResponse email deliverability is one of the best in the industry. If your emails are not reaching the subscriber’s inbox, and ultimately opened, then your efforts are in vain. Both services are cloud based solutions and accessed via a web browser so you do not have to host a service yourself.

Still Undecided Which to Adopt?
Each service has a free trial period to see which solution fits your needs. If you are following a mentor or training program, it may be useful to adopt the autoresponder platform they are using. Check your inbox to see what services marketers are using to send you messages. Adopting either Aweber or GetResponse should deliver a quality solution as they are both established companies widely adopted and supported. For a complete list of detailed features of either Aweber or GetResponse, visit their respective websites to see how they will fit into your overall business strategy.




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        One of the best places to find great products & Vendors is our Top Sellers list located under ‘Products > / Top Sellers’



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        You can use whatever autoresponder you want. Those are just our recommendations.

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        Hey welcome! The best place to start would be going through our free training series. It’s the basic steps to getting approved for your first product. You can sign up for free here: https://member.jvzoo.com/freetraining

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