content ideas for your niche

“It’s all been done before.”

Have you ever caught yourself thinking thoughts like that when trying to come up with content ideas for your social media channels or blog?

Sometimes it can certainly feel that way.

Especially if you’ve narrowed your target market down to a very specific group of people.

And, if you’ve already created a ton of content pertaining to your niche, it may feel as if there’s simply no new angle left to approach the subject from.

The thing is…

You need to constantly create fresh, new content to keep your audience engaged and interested.

So, how DO you come up with new content ideas in your niche?

Keep reading to find out!

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While it may seem impossible to come up with content ideas that are unique and new to your audience, it’s really a lot easier than it seems.

Next time you find yourself struggling, try one of these ideas and you’ll be pumping out great content for your niche in no time!

    1. Answer A Question – What questions do your customers usually ask? What problems do your audience face? Make a list of questions you have received from your customers and ones that people in your chosen niche may ask. Then, use that list to create content that answers those questions. You can create a blog series that tackles one question at a time, do Facebook Lives, or make a series of videos to upload to YouTube & share on your blog and social media.

      If you’re unsure of what questions your audience has, just ask them! Create a poll for your email list or to post on social media & ask your followers what questions they would most like to have answered. You’re sure to generate lots of new content ideas for your niche with the responses you get.

    2. Check Your Analytics – Review your blog and social media analytics to find out what content has been the most popular in the past. You can build new content by expanding on the ideas and topics you’ve posted already and gotten a lot of response from.

    3. Make A List – What tools do your followers need to overcome their problems? What are the best books you can recommend to them for more information about the subjects they’re interested in? Who else in your niche should they be following?

      Pieces of content built around lists are a simple way to give value to your audience. AND, they can easily be monetized with JVZoo affiliate links!

    4. Track Topics With Google Alerts – Keep up to date with all the latest news, blog posts, and mentions about topics in your niche by setting up Google Alerts. It’s totally free to do so, and you’ll receive real-time updates that you can use to create hot content about.

      It’s super easy to do, just click HERE. Set up one or a dozen using keywords relating to your niche. Then, you’ll receive fresh content ideas as often as you indicate you’d like them to be delivered!

      Not only will you stay abreast of all the latest news about your niche, you might also become THE person your audience looks to for up-to-date information.

    5. Read Books & Magazines – A great way to get you in the mood for creating written content is by reading a book (or magazine) full of information about your topic or niche.

      Even if you don’t have time to sit down and read every word, just skimming can help you find the relevant parts that will work for you to come up with content ideas for yourself.
    6. Hit The Search Engines – Let Google & Bing help you come up with content ideas for your niche. One is to take advantage of the autocomplete function.

      Here’s how you do it: In Google or Bing, start typing in the search term or relevant keyword you are looking for. As you type, you’ll see suggestions come up that represent what the most popular searches for right now.content ideas for your niche
      This should give you a great start for coming up with new content ideas for your niche.

      Content that people are already searching for!


As you can see, there are many ways to come up with content ideas in your niche.

Next time you’re sitting at your computer, struggling for ideas, remember to use one of the tips mentioned above.

Soon you’ll be on your way to creating lots of new content to engage and entertain your followers!

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