Internet marketing used to be like the Wild West. The most daring highwayman with the fastest guns would run away with most of the money.

You might remember the days when the best-selling products were all about going to a bar and finding a USB key with the magic formula for making millions online. And don’t forget the outrageous stock trading robots and magic weight-loss pills.

Those days are fortunately over. After government agencies took a keen interest in these types of claims, most were fined and shut down.

But what you might not know that JVZoo was born out of this wild west era. In 2011, when we first came online, Clickbank was a hot mess. They were filled with outrageous “blind copy” products, leading VISA, PayPal and the FTC to crack down hard.

Everything came to a grinding halt. Sales were down, refund rates went through the roof, and it was nearly impossible to get a product approved for sale.

Serious vendors needed a reputable platform with a plan to avoid a similar situation in the future. We attribute a big part of our early growth to being that haven.

Now, plenty of cowboys still exist in the industry, and that’s ok. We need to push the envelope, innovate and try new things.

But as an affiliate marketing platform, we are 100% committed to staying within current government regulations and payment processor rules.

We don’t do that to annoy you; our goal is to protect you and everyone else in the industry.

Regulations should matter to you, too! They are the rules of the game. And if you don’t know them, you’re at a disadvantage at best. And at worst, you could put your business and our industry in danger.

How can you protect yourself and others in this space? 

Know what the FTC allows and what it doesn’t. Be sure you’re listing your products on fully FTC-compliant networks (like JVZoo). Build and grow your business the right way, and you’ll have a company that stands the test of time. 

Flaunt the rules at your peril.

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