Your call to action is one of, if not the single most important parts, of your sales page. This is the part of your copy that tells the reader what you want them to do and if you haven’t perfected the art of creating a compelling CTA, you could be losing a lot of money. Let’s take a look at some CTA mistakes you could be making so you can avoid them in the future:

  1. It’s not there! Usually, when it comes to a great call to action, less is more, but many content producers neglect to include a CTA at all! This may be one of the most common CTA mistakes. No matter what type of content you are producing, always include some kind of call to action. Even if all you would like your viewer to do is like, share, or comment on a social media post, be sure to ask for it!
  2. They’re not easily visible. If your call to action is included on a sales page, blog post, or lead capture page, make sure your readers can find it. If it blends in too well, it won’t catch the reader’s eye. And, if they don’t see it they won’t take the action you are suggesting to them. Using different colors and styles of fonts is helpful in this situation, or you could use even use a graphic that is created with contrasting colors to the rest of your page.
  3. They are too vague. Instead of trying to be tricky when it comes to the words that you use for your CTAs, let them know what they get if they perform the desired action. “To get more videos just like this please subscribe.” “If you want to enter the contest, answer the challenge question in the video below.”
  4. There are too many. Having a secondary call to action is great, however, don’t give your audience too many choices. You want to think in terms of “this or that” to ensure that they follow your CTAs smoothly.
  5. You’re not highlighting the value. Be sure to clearly convey to your audience the value of what they will be receiving if they sign up to your email list, like your fan page, or subscribe to your channel. For someone to follow through on a CTA, they need to believe it will be worth it.
  6. They’re too wordy. Typically, a great CTA will only use between 90-150 characters. Keep in mind that people are busy and are usually multi-tasking when they are online. Keep your CTAs brief, but convincing.
  7. You’re using niche lingo. Not everyone who stumbles upon your content will know the words that are considered jargon within your specific niche. Use CTAs that speak to your audience in a clear manner that makes no mistakes about what you expect from them.


Affiliate marketers need to perfect their ability to create clear, compelling, valuable calls to action in order to build their lists and make sales. By avoiding these 7 CTA mistakes, you will greatly improve your chances of building a solid, profitable business with your content, sales, and lead pages.

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