You’ve done the hard work… you’ve built a high-quality product that people love. 

The only problem? You’re having trouble getting traffic to your offer. 

Having a great product won’t do a thing unless people see it. The old “if you build it, they will come” rarely works.

Traffic is still king… so how do you get more of it? The tried and true methods remain fundamental. 

Blogs, articles, YouTube videos, social media, podcasts, ads, your own list, affiliate traffic and SEO.  

These channels can get you all the traffic you need, but you have to put in the work into building and growing these traffic sources, unless you’re just running paid ads.

But today I want to cover “outside the box” methods to other people’s traffic into your own. 

Here are four ways to do just that…

  1. Find a big, upcoming launch and create a great bonus for it (of course with links to your site). Then give it away for free as a way for them or their affiliates to sell more of their product.
  2. Find another product creator with an audience in similar size to your own. Co-create a product and leverage both of your audiences, affiliates and contacts.
  3. Record a training session showing attendees something you’re doing that’s putting money in your pocket without trying to sell them something.
    Use it as content, give it away and crucially, allow other people to do the same as long as they link back to you.
  4. Interview well known marketers to create content and to get you in front of a new audience.
    Product creators and marketers are busy, most will appreciate the help and not mind one bit that you are getting traffic in return.
    The more relationships you build, the more new people see, hear and know your name. That’s only good for you… you’ll have more eyeballs on your site and offers.

You may be surprised at how much traffic you can get from these different tactics. Plus, it can be a nice change of pace from your current routine to try something new.

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