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There’s a million problems that people face everyday when it comes to online marketing and there’s a ton of products out there that claim to help you solve them. Somewhere in the middle though are pockets of gold that deal with one thing at a time.

Let’s put it into a different perspective for a minute.  Let’s say you’re about to have brain surgery and your choices are:

  1. A Doctor who knows a little bit about everything
  2. A Doctor who does surgery on different body parts daily
  3. A Doctor who does only brain surgery all day 

The choice there is blatantly obvious and it’s the one who does brain surgery day in and day out. Why? Because that’s the one that would be the most experienced and have the most knowledge of what you’re about to endure.

So why should problems online be any different in the way that we approach them? They shouldn’t!  If you want to know about list building, you wouldn’t go buy a book about SEO, Facebook Ads and YouTube video making would you?

But let’s break that down even further because the above mentioned are indeed all ways you can in fact build your list. So, let’s say you want to focus on list building from videos. The best thing you can do is find a program or course that solely focuses on building a list from videos.  There’s plenty of material, angles and options to create entire courses around the subject. You could even break that down into two courses with how you list build from FB videos vs how you do it with YouTube videos. 

The point is there are a LOT of people out there who want specific information that is geared around what they want to do. If they have to pay $197.00 for a course on video list building, but only one module is about YouTube, the rest they’re not interested in at that moment. But what if they are interested in it later? That’s great, but there’s no way you can go into as much detail as you’d need to in one module to cover all the things you can do on YouTube. The same goes for all the other modules.

Bottom line, look at things as a one problem, one solution and you’ll not only be able to pinpoint your exact customer, but you’ll create yourself a massive library of products that people can find you through.

Just think about the library of products you can create this way.  There’s 10 different ways to list build, probably more. Each one is a product.

Give people what they want, not what you think they want and you’ll be rewarded time and time again for it. 

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      Hey there,
      thanks for the great post, the doctor example really made everything clear.
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