2019 has come to an end, but our users pulled out all the stops for December. 

The winners worked hard for these TOP Spots…

So, check out how the TOP 10 Stacked up below….

December Top Affiliates:

  1. Todd Gross came in at the end of the year to regain the coveted #1 spot.  Congratulations Todd!
  2. Early Bird Offer back on the list after taking a month off.  Way to go Syed!
  3. Abhi Dwivedi came in with a strong effort to jump up the leaderboard this month!  Awesome job Abhi!
  4. Paul Ponna is down a few spots from last month, but rounded out the year in the Top 5!  Great job, Paul!
  5. Vlad & Stoica the dynamic duo is back in the Top 10 for December and they are crushing it!  Congratulations Vlad & Stoica!
  6. Eric Holmlund is not new to the industry, but new to the leaderboard and came in strong!  Keep up the great work, Eric!
  7. Sam Bakker put in a solid effort to be among the High Performance Leaders again this month. Amazing work Sam!
  8. Promote Labs Inc.,  welcome back!  So great to see you in the Top 10 again!  Way to go!
  9. Brett Ingram always delivering amazing products and crushing it as an affiliate, Brett is somewhere on our leaderboard each month. Kudos, Brett!
  10. Igor Burban is another familiar face in the industry, but new the leaderboard this month.  Way to go Igor!

We saw some amazing launches happen this month too and some superstars showing up to claim their place in the ranks of the High Performers!

Here’s how the Top Performing Products stacked up:

  1. AdaComply Accessibility Software Ifiok Nkem and Vaughn Itemuabgor came together to produce the #1 selling product for December.  It really is as simple as copying and pasting the single line of code that the software gives you and let AdaComply do it’s magic to ensure that you stay ADA compliant.
  2. MediaCloudPro Agency RightsVikram Firelaunchers and Eric Holmlund teamed up to bring us a killer product.  Grab over 7 Million media assets with the tools to command attention, siphon web traffic, and start your own 6-Figure design business in minutes with MediaCloudPro.
  3. Videract Pro Agency LicenseVictory Akpos produced another amazing product With Videract Pro you can create mouth watering interactive videos that explode traffic, leads & sales in minutes.
  4. Madsense RevampedTom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah and Abdullah Ashraf pulled out all the stops with Madsense Revamped, a brand new, simple Adsense + unique rapid traffic formula that will work for you even if you’ve never made a dime before.
  5. DFY Video Agency Resellers LicenseMario Brown and Oliver Goodwin partnered up and produced a stellar product. With DFY Video Agency you’ll be able to start collecting payments in literally seconds and are provided with 3 enterprise level video applications including full resell rights and commercial rights.
  6. Social Profit App VIP EditionBilly Darr | Justin Opay teamed up again to bring us another amazing product.  Get unlimited, free buyer traffic & sales today at lightning speed with Social Profit App.
  7. PR Rage Domain Hunting Software Charter LicenseWalt Bayliss created another groundbreaking product.  PR Rage Domain Hunting Software Charter License is a powerful software that grabs high value domains for pennies on the dollar that you can flip for upfront and recurring profits.
  8. AdvertSuiteLuke Maguire continued his success for a fourth month in a row with AdvertSuite. Create winning ads instantly by finding and replicating what currently works on the #1 way to make money with FB.
  9. Sociflux Pro CommercialMisan Morrison, Firas Alameh and Abhinav Jain produced a breakthrough software that creates profit-pulling simple websites in 3 minutes flat, automatically ranks them on top of Google and builds a lifestyle business that you desire.
  10. 2020 Executive Collection PLRSteven Alvey from Warlord Entrepreneur knocked it out of the park with his 2020 Executive Collection PLR which you can instantly use to leverage these benefits: talking-head presenters, stunning intro montage, high production value, unprecedented quality, world class instruction, and full re-branding rights.


A BIG congratulations to you all! 

At JVZoo we have always and will continue to celebrate our users success. 

After all, WE build our platform for YOU!

Stay tuned for our 2019 Yearly Awards which will be announced soon…

* DISCLAIMER:  Please note if your name is not on the account as a partner for a product that is included in our Top Performers, then we have no way of knowing and you will not be included in the blog.  Once a blog has been published, we will no longer update it to include partners who were not listed on the account.

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