You’ve got to treat the vendor’s launch as if it were your own! In the famous words of Michael Jackson… “if you wanna be startin somethin’, you gotta be startin’ somethin’.” When it comes to bonus campaigns, many marketers drop the ball by not taking the vendor’s launch as seriously as their own. Bottom line is this… Lazy affiliates don’t usually make much money and sometimes a poor effort could also hurt your relationship with the vendor. It’s a good idea to treat that affiliate launch promo like it’s your own product for more reasons than one!

Your relationship with vendors is very important, especially if you’d like their reciprocal support for your products. Getting a vendor to mail for you is harder than most people imagine. Often a vendor will only grant reciprocal mailing for those that supported his/her launch. Making sales and showing up on a leaderboard is a great way to get on the vendors’ radar. If you don’t score a guaranteed reciprocal mailing, then you’ll need another advantage to convince the vendor to become your affiliate. Showing respect for his launch is a good way to boost the relationship.

Appearance matters. Your bonus page will leave an impression on everyone that sees it. If your bonus page looks terrible, your bonus offers are weak, or your video is off-putting, you’ll lose their respect. You can’t keep sending your list directly to a sales page or mediocre bonus page before they get tired of your emails. Worse, they lose respect for you as a marketer. On the other hand, if your bonus page always looks great, they’re more likely to buy, or at least check out your latest offer.

As you consistently build bonus pages, custom bonuses, and produce videos, you’ll get better and better at it. You’ll develop your own quick and efficient system. This system will allow you to decrease the time and expense of crafting profitable bonus campaigns. Your system will also be a sellable asset — both as part of your business and as a product on JVZoo. This makes quality campaigns way more profitable in the end.

Ultimately it’s about showing your prospect that you are fully vested in the product you are endorsing. You’ll always want to treat every affiliate campaign like it’s your own launch, especially when you’re new because it makes more sales that way. This will also help you build a relationship with the vendor which could later blossom into support for your launch. You’ll also keep up your branding and clout in your list’s eyes. Finally, you can always take your acquired knowledge and convert it to a product to make even more profits from your campaigns! Treat your bonus campaigns well and they’ll take care of you.


Affiliate marketing is a competitive space. During a big launch where large prizes are at stake, the competition can get a little fierce. So you’ll want to consider using a cool theme to attract and hold your audience’s attention. You want your bonus page to stand out from the crowd and be memorable. Here are a few tips for creating a bonus page theme.

A theme will set your bonus page apart from competing affiliates. During the launch, there will be hundreds, possibly thousands of affiliates competing for a spot on the leaderboard. There’s a high likelihood that the people you’re emailing are also on other marketers’ lists. You’ll need a cool theme for your bonus page so it stands out in the customer’s mind.

PRO-TIP: Make sure your theme doesn’t clash with the sales page. You’ll want to use a similar or even identical color scheme to the sales page. This will create a seamless transition, which helps conversions.

A cool bonus theme is a perfect opportunity to showcase your personality too. You’ll be able to entertain your audience while persuading them to check out the offer you’re promoting. You’re also building your brand in their minds. They’re going to revere the way you do business and stay loyal to you.

✭ 10 Cool Themes For Your Next Bonus Campaign ✭

  1. Secret Agent/Spy
  2. Racing (Drag racing, muscle cars, Formula 1)
  3. Political Campaign (Parody)
  4. Sports (Major Games)
  5. Ninja/Ancient Warriors
  6. Cowboys, Zombies, Aliens, Robots, Super Heros
  7. Rock Band
  8. Tropical Paradise
  9. Night Club/Party
  10. Gaming (Chess, video games)

A theme will help your bonus page stand out from the crowd. Remember that many marketers will likely have similar lists. If you want your affiliate link to be used, you’re going to need an edge. A cool bonus page is one of the components you’ll need to make more sales.


Your bonus page will need a solid video if you want to make some sales. Your video is the best way to communicate to your audience why they should buy through your affiliate link. It’s your opportunity to educate them and entertain them at the same time. You’ll want to put some thought into how you make your video, especially if a long-distance partner will be in it. Sometimes affiliates that meet online will “team up” to promote a launch together. Long distance partnering might require some creative video tactics. Let’s look at a few considerations for an awesome bonus video.

Matching the video to your page’s theme will require some planning. You’ll want to make sure you have any costumes and makeup that’s necessary for your video. The shooting location is another issue to tackle. For example, if you have a spy theme, you’ll need to decide if you’re going to use vehicles in your video. If so, you’ll need a good location to safely record that segment of the video.

When it comes to bonus videos, you have multiple styles of video to choose from. You may want to show up on camera for many of your videos. But you can always use a slideshow video to announce your bonus. Adding animations can help, especially if you’ve chosen a superhero theme and need magical powers in your video! Have a look at how you want your video to come out, and then choose a style to get your results.

PRO-TIP: Don’t be afraid to hire an outsourcer to work on your video. If you need some animations, it might be faster and easier to let a pro handle it.

In some cases, you may have a partner for the affiliate campaign. If you’re going to personally be in the bonus video, then you’ll have to coordinate the production of video carefully. This is easy if it’s an on-screen video and you’re able to get together. If you live far apart, you’ll have to record your sections separately and then tie them together in post-production. As long as you each know you section of the script, and one of you knows how to edit, you’ll be able to team up in the video without being together.

A cool video will help tie your bonus page together. You can create the video in any style you like. It’s a good idea to bring your theme into the video. This may require a lot of planning, but it will help your brand big time.


Whenever possible, you’ll want to create unique bonuses for your affiliate campaigns. The average consumer is getting a lot wiser to how affiliate marketing works. They know that affiliates will offer bonuses in exchange for using their link. So the consumers have started “bonus shopping”. When they decide they’re going to buy the product, the look for the best bonus offer to pick up with the product — and some people will buy the product just for the bonus. You’ll want to create a compelling bonus to boost your sales.

No matter how many bonus offers you have, consider getting the covers made in the same scheme as the sales page. (Your bonus page should also use the color scheme from the sales page.) You’ll want the bonuses to look like they were built with the actual product you’re promoting. This creates a sense of necessity – like they would be missing part of the product if they don’t get YOUR bonus because your stuff “completes” the vendors offer.

The bonuses themselves can be a variety of materials that complement the product. Video courses, audio courses, eBooks, and even software are all great bonus ideas. You’ll want to make sure that if you use Private Label Rights materials, you follow the terms of the license. It’s important that you customise the bonus products so the customer isn’t just getting rehashed material. If you’re not allowed to change anything, then it might not be beneficial for you to use the item in your bonus offer.

In the beginning of your career, you’ll need to purchase some bonus materials to use in your campaign. You’ll also want to utilize any bonuses that the vendors are providing as well. Over time, you’ll build up a library of bonuses that you can tweak slightly and use for many campaigns. This will help you put together effective campaigns quickly and easily.

Your bonuses don’t have to be complicated. You can take some Private Label Rights materials and change the graphics to match the sales page’s color scheme. You can add your own videos or narrations to make them unique. Once you build up a library of materials, you’ll be able to support a variety of campaigns with relative ease. A simple system is all you need to create quality bonuses on demand.


Standard bonuses like video courses and eBooks are fairly easy for anyone to come by. These aren’t bad bonuses, but sometimes you need something a little different to make your offer stand out. You’ll also want to consider helping your customers with the decision to purchase the upsell. To win here, you’ll want to use a few special bonuses and strategies.

Most marketers offer bonuses based on the front end product. This makes sense as most of the sales will be front-end purchases only. However, if you want to increase the probability of upsell sales, you should consider giving a special bonus for the upsell. This is called a “two-tier” bonus. Essentially, everyone who purchases the front end gets the main bonus, but only those who also pick up the first upsell will get an additional bonus.

Another unique bonus is coaching and consulting. Consider offering an hour of your time where your customers can ask you anything. This is a great opportunity for you to connect with your customers. You may even gain some high-ticket sales of your services from these calls! Coaching calls are a great item to add to your page that requires little fulfillment.

PRO-TIP: Be careful not to overextend yourself past your fulfillment ability. Not everyone who receives the bonus will actually want the call but you should never offer something you can’t deliver to everyone. You’ll have to get to know your numbers to know how many hours you’ll have to complete.

Exclusive interviews with the product creator is another unique bonus offer. Ideally, you’ll be able to do a webinar with the product creator so that the bonus recipients can ask the product creator questions. If a webinar doesn’t work, you can also record a Skype call and provide that to your bonus recipients. Exclusive interviews are an easy way to add extra connectivity to your customers.

There’s no shortage of possible bonuses besides the regular materials. You can always offer your time if you’ve built a solid reputation. Securing special access to the product creator is another way you can increase your bonus page’s sexiness. And if you really want to push the sales funnels so you can make more commissions, consider offering a second tier of bonuses for those who buy the upsells. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when coming up with cool bonuses!


If you’re a newer marketer, you might need a little extra help to take a position on the leaderboard. Fortunately, many vendors will allow teams for their JV contests. When you’re teamed up, you’ll gain a few advantages from the partnership no matter where you place on the leaderboard. Here are a few ways that partnering on an affiliate campaign will benefit you.

Place on the leaderboard and win bigger prizes. Some launches will have big prize pools. This will attract a ton of affiliates, including some serious traffic senders. If you want to compete in a highly competitive contest, then consider teaming up with someone to increase the odds in your favor.

PRO-TIP: You don’t have to share commissions in order to be teamed up on a contest. The leaderboard will simply add each partner’s sales together to create the team sales, which determines where you rank.

Add more bonuses to your system without extra work. Another advantage to being teamed up is that you can combine unique bonuses together. This gives you more for your page as well as more for your library (depending on license terms). Also, you can split the cost of new covers and updates to the materials. It’s a win-win for you and your partner.

Gain multiple traffic sources. Partnering can help you pick up additional traffic sources to help when the contest. If you’re primarily an email marketer and your partner is a master of Facebook traffic, then your team has multiple avenues to make sales. You may find that having complimentary systems for driving traffic has its advantages.

Teaming up on a bonus campaign offers many advantages. You should consider teaming up as a general strategy to place on the leaderboard until you’re big enough to make it on your own. And even then, the occasional partnership may be a benefit for the 5 figure prize pools. By partnering, you’ll also gain access to other bonus offers and cut down the cost of preparing custom bonuses. A partnership based on diversified traffic sources may also lead to higher team sales, helping your ranking on the leaderboard. Team up and take over the leaderboard!

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