Landing Page, Lead Capture Page, Sales Page

In the marketing world, you will have a few different objectives in order to get customers into your sales funnels. Whether you are an affiliate marketer or product creator, there are a variety of pages you will need to utilize to gain more email addresses, loyal buyers, and happy followers.


Let’s take a look at three of these pages – a landing page, a lead capture page, and a sales page. All three are different, as are the goals of these pages.


Landing Page


To put it simply, a landing page is a webpage that a visitor arrives on when they click on a link from Google or social media. This could be the homepage of your blog or website, or a specific page in which you wish to drive traffic.


When it comes to marketing, landing pages typically have a certain focused action they want the visitor to take. It could be to click through to the sales page, provide contact info to download a free opt-in item, or fill out a form for more information about a service or product.


Lead Capture Page


A lead capture page is a type of landing page that advertisers use to grow their email lists. These will then become “leads” which the marketer can interact with in hopes for the sale. Essentially, you are able to “warm up” your leads and get them to know, like, and trust you, so they will purchase the products you are promoting.


A popular type of lead capture page features a free incentive in exchange for the visitor’s email address. The freebie should be related to the product or service you are promoting.


For example, if you are selling an affiliate marketing coaching program, the free lead capture opt-in gift could be a massive list of affiliate networks to join. Sometimes selling a course on email list building may offer a freebie on the best email autoresponders on the web.


Sales Page


A sales page is just as the name implies – a page where the visitor can make a purchase. Many of these pages include long-form copy, meant to target the visitor’s emotions and make them want to buy.


Sales pages should also include purchase information, such as pricing, what’s included, and a buy button to the actual shopping cart for purchase.


The sales page should come after one of the other pages we talk about in this article. Having your landing page be your sales page isn’t ideal because often times, the visitors don’t have a clue who you are before they click through. It’s difficult to get someone to whip out their credit card if they don’t know you from Adam!


Likewise, you don’t want to skip the lead capture page before rushing your readers to the sales page. By capturing the leads, you can introduce yourself and your product, getting your subscribers to like and trust you before you throw your sales page at them.


Understanding the difference between these three web pages will help you grow your online business. There are proper steps to take to familiarize your readers with what you have to offer. Use these pages wisely and you will reap the profits of a successful business!

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    • Laurence Edgar

      I have a JV Zoo Affiliate account and i have been lucky enough to receive permission to Promote some Affiliate links. I haven’t promoted anything before. I don’t have an Email list. Not one. I am a Minister of a church called The House Of The Lord.
      I am simply trying to raise enough money to build a Shelter for the Poor.
      However Now that i have the affiliate links i don’t know how to promote them.
      In JV Zoo it says for me to make sure i place my affiliate links on your JV pages.
      How do i find my JV Pages?I have to have a productive?service set up within my JV Account. How do i do this. ? Pray you can tutor me, Pastor Laurence

      • JVZoo Staff Writer

        Hi Pastor Lawrence. The best place to start would be going through our free training series. You can sign up for free here:
        You can also check out the JVZoo Academy for more in-depth training:
        Hope this helps get you started!

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