We’re seeing an increasing trend of products being advertised and sold with lifetime access… or for LIFE!

Some payment processors do not allow “lifetime” deals unless you very clearly define what lifetime means… Is it your life? The customer’s life? The lifetime of the product?

In other words, you need to spell out the subscription term.

There’s no arguing that “for life” is powerful in sales copy and that it’s likely to boost your conversion rates.

That doesn’t mean it’s always the smart thing to do though.

If you sell lifetime access without clearly defining what that means, you could face a very serious public blowback if you pull the switch on a product after a couple of years. And even then people might still object… to most of your customers “lifetime access” means forever, no matter what you put in the fine print again.

Fortunately, there are much smarter ways to achieve the same results in your sales copy.

If you think about it… the reason you even feel the need to mention “for life,” is that you want to highlight that it’s a one-time fee with no recurring payments… So why not say that?

Here are some powerful phrases you can weave into your copy. They are more meaningful and often more effective than wishy-washy “lifetime” lingo.

One-time fee – no recurring fees ever.

Just $27 today, and you’ll never pay another cent more… ever!

You’ll automatically receive all future upgrades and updates for free at zero extra cost!

With all the updates and cool features we already have in the pipeline, we really should be charging a monthly fee for this… but today only, you can get in for a low one-time fee and receive all future updates at no extra cost… ever!

See how these statements don’t promise access and updates 60 years from now. Yet, they still do a great job at countering any objections your prospects may have… arguably a better job than a lazy “for life.”

Don’t lock yourself in a prison where you have to keep supporting a product that should have died years ago. Be honest with your customers and give yourself the chance of parole.

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