The coronavirus pandemic is developing quickly and as more and more countries shut down schools, public services and more, a lot of people are finding themselves stranded at home with little to do but worry.

But in the middle of the COVID-19 [ coronavirus ] panic, there is a group of work-from-home entrepreneurs that are largely unaffected. They don’t fear losing their jobs, their income is not in danger and they are already working from home, so the prospect of quarantine and shutdowns, pretty much still means business as usual.

Maybe you have been quarantined, maybe your school or workspace has closed down because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

If you find yourself with some extra time on hand… it might be a good idea to take a cue from these online entrepreneurs and use your time productively.

Building up a second stream of income can never hurt. It’s always nice to have an additional safety net for yourself and your loved ones… especially right now, as we still don’t know exactly how bad the situation will become.

The absolutely easiest way to start earning an extra income online is to become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing means that you get paid a commission whenever you refer a sale to a merchant.

You don’t have to worry about creating products, managing stock, doing customer support or anything like that. You just grab your special affiliate link, share it and you will automatically get paid when someone buys from your link.

So how do you get started?

Here are the 5 steps you can take today, to quickly start earning affiliate commissions from the comfort of your own home.


  1. Join for free 

First, you need to join an affiliate network. JVZoo is 100% free to join and use for affiliates and you get instant access to thousands of top-selling digital products you can promote. They also have some of the best paying affiliate programs and your affiliate commissions will usually be in the 50% – 100% range.

  1. Start a blog

The easiest way to start a blog is to grab a free one at We recommend that you start out with blogging as it’s the easiest way for beginners to start generating traffic to their affiliate links… and because a lot of the other “getting started” information you will find also involves blogging.

  1. Find products to promote.

Browse the JVZoo marketplace and find products you would like to promote. Take your time and have a good look at the many options available to you. Consider purchasing one product that looks helpful and interesting to you. Learn from the product and use it as the base for the next step.

  1. Document your journey… and profit!

Use your new blog to post about your life as an affiliate marketer. Do daily journal-style posts musing about what you are doing, why and how. Talk about your challenges and your triumphs. You could also review the products you purchased and make posts about how you are using it and how it’s helping you. Include affiliate links in your posts, so you will earn commissions when people buy anything after reading your blog

Your blog posts will soon start getting search engine traffic and you can boost your traffic a lot if you also share your posts on social media… and don’t be afraid to do so, lots of people are in the same boat as you and would find your journey both interesting and inspiring.

  1. (Optional) take it to the next level

This step is optional as it’s not free. However, using Commission Gorilla is definitely worth considering. It’s a point & click easy landing page builder that helps affiliate marketers convert more of their visitors into customers. It’s very newbie-friendly and comes with loads of ready-made templates and bonuses you can immediately start using… and you don’t even need to have your own website or hosting account to use it. You can read more about it here 

That’s it… it’s really that easy to get started earning an extra income as an affiliate marketer. Everything can be done for free as you are starting out. Head over to to create your free account and get started today. And remember to stay safe and take the right action during this coronavirus pandemic, JVZoo is here for you.


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    • Joane

      Take care of u and your familly..and Don’t worry. Thanks for sharing

    • Alex

      Thanks you so much for sharing this awesome work from home tips during corona virus virus . This is very much help for those who are looking for work from home or those who have lost there job during this Corona virus crisis

    • Keshav

      How much of time generally is needed for the blog to start ranking. Any thoughts ?

      • SimonHarries

        Great Question, When you create a blog use YEAST SEO plugin to help you do the right things, we’ve seen things rank on page one in 24 hours, but the MORE content you have the quicker it is to rank. We truly believe in creating a sustainable business.

    • dwayne parrish

      Thanks for sharing your amazing work from home tips during these trouble time with the CORONAVIRUS.

    • Market Approve

      Awesome content

    • Pietro Marais

      Dear JVZoo,
      Thanks for caring and your advice, it is much appreciated!
      I want to wish you all at JVZoo, my blessings and want you all to look at yourself and take care and precaution with the Corona Virus!
      You are also very imported to us! You are super!

    • Bruno

      To have money coming in while your sitting at home is a blessing.

    • Ish Sarwar


      Thanks for sharing.

      I was already working from home but it’s even more important today.

      I’ve got a blog, been on market places and sold their products.

    • sanjay

      Thanks for sharing good information. I opened the JVzoo account now. I am learning to watch videos or reading blogs, Thank you.

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